Be inspired: What makes a good usher?Amazing throw back pictures of Typearls's ushers

Typearls's ushers

What makes a good usher?
  1. She must be presentable , dress well ( no flamboyant accessories, no skimpy outfits, no uncomfortable shoes and no dressing ill suited to the occasion)  and have good comportment.
  2. She should be able to carry out her responsibilities diligently and obediently.
  3. She must focus on her job at the particular time, no time for distractions, gossip, or unnecessary chatting. 
  4. She must be friendly, ready to cater to guest needs, resourceful and easily adapt to situations.
  5. She should not get involved in quarrels, petty arguments or exchange of words with guests or colleagues.
  6. She must be timely, taken her  instructions early and be able familiarize herself with the surroundings before guest arrive.
  7. Mingling with guests , exchanging phone numbers must be moderate, No need for excessive interaction so as to concentrate on her duties. 

Below are various pictures of Typearls's ushers at various locations and events, wedding, birthdays and bonding meets.

Edwin's clark wedding
At Edwin's clark wedding
Typearls's ushers 1

wedding ushers 1

nigerian ushers

muslim ushers

u.i ushers

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