Bead diy 17: Bush bead design in 10 steps

Makeup by Nicola Beauty sparkles Beads made by Nnena Ndukwe
Makeup by Nicola Beauty sparkles
Beads made by Nnena Ndukwe
Bead diy 17: Bush bead design

Materials needed:

Sand bead (size 2 )
Beading needle
Fishing line (fl) (0.35mm)
Bead accessories (Optional)- Gold ball, brooch, crystal bead

Step 1:Cut 6 pieces of fl and add stopper at the top, knot the lines to keep the beads from falling off.
Step 2: Pick 1 out of the fishing lines.
Step 3: Insert 7 seed bead and pass the line back into the first seed bead.
Step 4: Insert another 7 seedbead and pass through the first seed bead again
Step 5: Continue the procedure 10 times
Step 6: Repeat the same for the other fishing lines
Step 7: Insert a fashion accessory, use a gold ball or crystal bead.
Step 8: Start procedure again
Step 9: Continue till you get desired length.
Step 10: End by Inserting a  bead clasp or hook. 

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