Can a muslim lady act as an event usher?

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Exquisite Muslim ushers
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After going through the pictures above, now tell me what you think. My own answer is yes!

A Muslim can act as a usher at any social gathering except in rowdy, frenzied, drunk parties. Nikhais( Muslim weddings),  alumni meetings, birthdays, luncheons, engagements, office gatherings are ideal events for Muslim ushers especially if the hosts are of an Islamic background. 

Useful tips for an intending Muslim usher:
1. Ensure you ask for the outfit requirements and conform to instructions, most times a uniform or attire is provided.
2. Cover your hair misappropriate and do not leave sensitive parts of your body exposed.
3. Be courteous and put on a smile.
4. Most Muslim events are solemn in nature,  and many Muslim men are uncomfortable with forward women, so curb your over exuberance. 
5. Listen and obey the head usher or employer.

Any lady from a different faith can also act as usher as a Muslim event , once she understands and follows the tips given above. She should not have any problem.