Food of the day(Photo)! Tuwo,Gbegiri and ewedu

Food: Tuwo (Rice flour)
Soup: Gbegiri (Bean soup) and Ewedu 
Accompaniments: Round fish(Panla, stockfish), Mackerel or titus fish (Alaran) Ponmo (Animal hide), Offals( Liver, Saki, ), Beef
Eating joint: Somewhere in Ikeja/ Ogba axis
Tuwo,Gbegiri and ewedu

Tuwo,Gbegiri and ewedu-typearls

A nice plate of Tuwo and Gbegiri makes the hunger go away!


titilayo oke said…
Where exactly around ikeja ogba axis can one get tuwo and gbegiri to buy at night
Hello Titilayo, Am not sure you can get this at night .