Getting Relationship advice from a wrong party can be a bad idea- Peeshaun

This is relationship gospel according to  Peeshaun of Skuki(Nigerian music duo). He explains why receiving and following  relationship advice from third party (friends, family, colleagues) can sometimes be a bad idea.
Peeshaun of Skuki
Peeshaun of Skuki

Relationship advice

In his own words:
"When in a relationship, filter the advice u get from friends and 3rd parties, don't swallow all

U can't isolate urself and u need people to talk to.. TRUE!

But one fact remains, no one can Know u or ur relationship like u do

U can't use the map of Abuja to find ur way around Lagos

As humans, we analyze the world via our personal strengths and weaknesses

And because  of this, people would advice you based on their own insecurities

U need to be sure what motive a person has, when offering you advice

NOTE: When seeking advice... listen more to experiences and less to opinions

A person can tell u what he/she feels u should do, but put them in your shoes a few months frm now & see how they perform

U'll be shocked they'll be more clumsy than they say you are

And even when listening to those with experience e.g the older ones

Discern and be sure that their advices come from a mended heart and not a bruised ego

Be sure they are not using your situation as a battleground for their own past mistakes

A person, who has not gotten over a broken heart might advice you to be less emotional in your relationship

Meanwhile u might be at a point in your relationship where u need to be true to your emotions

At the end of the day, u have got to be real to yourself and captain your ship- your relationSHIP"