How I created a I minute business Introduction video in one hour

1. Wrote my killer script on a paper; Engage my thought process to create a compelling introduction script.  Had it edited , reedited till I got it down to fit in one page, read and re read several times to memorize my lines. (15 minutes).

2.  Tried to record myself and create video  using a Samsung phone: Abandoned the idea midway, video quality was good, but I was unsatisfied with my facial emotions, speech imperfections, room lighting, moreover I could not send the video to Facebook message, twitter Dm, gmail because it exceeded  20 mb size, even drop box was taking its time to load.
(27 minutes).

 3. Utilize my friend "Google" to search for the perfect video making app online: There were a couple of them ,wevideo, animoto, moviemaker, but the most perfect one is Stupeflix,  this tool allows you covert text to speech, add a soundtrack (I used Jukedeck to create my own music), upload pictures directly from your computer, Instagram or Facebook without leaving the site.Except for the animated "Julie" voice who had difficulty pronouncing "ty" and "Typearls", every other thing was superb. (10 minutes)

4. Finishing process: I tried several movie themes ,outline, party, classic, but finally settled for interview theme .Afterwards , I just clicked on finished and save video while I waited for the video to upload. (3 minutes)

5. Publish across various social channels: First channel I published on was Youtube and I shared  to other networks from there. (5 minutes).

Total process time: 60 minutes

Watch my video presentation about me and my business below:

You can learn from my experience and create your own killer video in less than 5 minutes. Dont abandon step 2, if you want to create real live videos and not use photos like mine.

Wish you luck and let me know how you video turned out.