How Lagos overflooding made me an overnight Facebook sensation

There are facebook status updates that one can  post  to intentionally  make waves and draw attention to a social cause but falls short, but this particular one I shared less than a day ago, has gone viral with over 1500 shares, 400 likes, 100 comments and still counting within two days. Needless to say, it has garnered me more facebook followers, friends' requests and also created awareness about effects of overflooding in Lagos Island areas especially Lekki and Ajah.

What makes a facebook post go  viral?
Facebook posts go viral for different reasons, but from my this experience, I realised that for a post to be easily shared, liked and generate comments. It must :

1. Contain visual images, graphics or videos, they must be consistent and related to the post and appeal to the audience in such manner as to arouse their emotions. 
2. Simple and concise, straight to the point, with no flowery or ambiguous language.
3. Relate to  current trending issues, news or debatable points. For example, many Lagos citizens are being affected by the heavy rainfall, such as flooding in their homes, on the streets, blocked drainages, traffic hold ups, damage to physical structures, only few are indifferent while farmers are simply happy.
4. Be open to debate, while some of the commenters advocate for buying lands and houses in Lekki, Ajah, others say mainland is a better choice.
5. Be able to generate further discussion, for example if flooding is caused by the government who did not provide proper drainages or citizen who are always emptying their dirt and refuse in the few drainage/ gutters available in Lagos. 

Though posts by  influential facebook personalities may  go viral due to the popularity of the author, other unknown author can his/her  their post gain much attention even better than paid or sponsored posts, but it must funny, sarcastic, debatable, brain teasing and original.

That is how on Wednesday. June 15th 2016, I had a one day of facebook fame, looking forward to more.