How to change a no-reply blogger to real display name ( Pictures)

For a blogger, having a no-reply blogger shown next to your display name is disheartening,like in blog lists or on other bloggers post, no reply blogger indicates there is no email to send a reply to comment to,  worse still it does not make your readers connect easily with you. So how do you change it.) By unsyncing your blogger profile from your Google+ profile. Previously , I have always been on Google+ profile but I decided to have a blogger profile as well. 

no-reply blogger

First, sign in to blogger and at the top right corner, click on settings  (gear icon), 
Second, Click on user settings.
user settings

Third, Deselect Google+ profile and choose a blogger profile.
blogger profile

Fourth, Switch to a limited blogger profile
limited blogger profile

Fifth, Save the settings.

Useful tips: 

To ensure your posts gets published on Google +, use a scheduling tool such as Ifttt to publish  blogger posts to your Google plus profile.  By disconnecting your blogger profile from Google+, you will unable to use the Google+ commenting system, but you can use the Intense debate commenting system, a powerful tool that allows your readers to connect from facebook, blogger or wordpress profiles.