How to make a home-made lightening soap using Dudu Osun or Ghana soap

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Make a skin brightening or lightening soap with natural organic soap ingredients, simple and easy .
 home-made lightening soap home-made skin brightening  soap

 Home made lightening, skin brightening soaps

Soap ingredients:
1 Ghana soap
1 Dudu osun soap

Dudu osun soap- typearls
5tbsps of Honey,
5balls of Lime (juice)
2bulbs of Lemon (juice),
5tsps of Milk (powdered)
10tbsps of Carrot oil
1tsp of Turmeric powder
1/2tsp of grinded Sulphur.


  • Mash the soaps, add other ingredients in a mortal and pound thoroughly.
  • Pour the mashed contents into a bowl or container and tighten lid.
  • Use for bathing, face washing and as part of routine beauty regime.
  • Check out difference in skin after few applications.

Why you should make your own lightening soap?

1. At least you trust the source of ingredients and method of mixing.
2. You can prevent skin allergic reactions, infections or inflammation from the use of bad chemicals.
3. It is cost effective and safer than buying off the counter chemical , industrial soaps.

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