Lagos over flooding! An environmental menace or a blessing?

The rains have started,houses are leaking and falling, drainages are getting blocked, roads rendered impassable and commuters are suffering the effects of over flooding in some areas in Lagos. In a previous post, I shared disturbing pictures of flooded areas in Lagos Island and Lekki, Lagos residents have continued to react and proffer solutions to curb the menacing effects of this environmental disturbance.
Lagos residents reacts and offer solution to overflooding

Fisayo Joel Jackson:
Do you know that most of the houses in Ajah were sand filled? My friend's uncle bought a waterland at Ajah for 15 million, used 7.8million to do underlay. In my mind I was asking rhetorical questions, is it a crime if you don't stay in Island? Why do people like buying problems with their wealth? 
Well..... Message to the wise.

Oyediran Gbenga:
Evidently the ocean is retreating. The erosion of the beaches like the Bar Beach and Alpha Beach is pushing the waters to somewhere. Goshen estate in Lekki was built in 2003 with over 100m away from the sea but now its less than 20m away from the sea. If this persists the estate will vanish soon. Most areas on the Island are less than 1m below sea level and the highest point in Lagos is Ifako Ijaye are with only 5m above sea level and 40km away from the coastal line. LAGOS IS UNDER THREAT .

Dada Larunsi : It should be expected considering what's happening all over the world now. But how prepared are we ? I don't think they made provisions for any flood defence individually and collectively when they were planning and constructing the place .

Lawal Idris Yusuf :
When you build houses without drainage systems, that's what you get. No sense of community development or collective action. They'll rather buy SUVs than get the drainage fixed.

Eno B Iwok:
Talking as a marine biologist....water has its own space....its better u build a floating house on it or build on d solid land it creates on its own....Lagos already is too close to the ocean....if we sand fill some parts to create solid land, measures should also be taking incase of high rainfall n global warming bcos we r ejecting water out of its territory n overloading d natural ocean, if it overflows during rainfall, it will find somewhere close by to occupy....but of course, Nigeria never cares about lives or take any measure. I fear For the  worst.

Yetunde Jaji :
If everyone of us lives in mainland and no one lives on island, dnt u tink d cost of living on mainland which is already high would have gone worst,worster,if dere is anything like that... I bet u most of us here wld have packed to our home towns. Abeg,ibi ori dani si lagbe.

Damilare Asshim Nadeco: 
Imagine if those places in Texas have no fall back plans or if the lack any rapid response mechanisms that work. Lagos should work on its infrastructure.

Ardey O:
If u have been staying in this axis for the last 5yrs, you will agree it wasn't like this. I am attributing this rise in water level at Lekki Ajah axis as a result of the eko Atlantic project. Water level has been pushed backward to the Ajah epe axis due to this barbeach project (just simple logic). Reason for the destruction of Oniru, lekki and Elegushi is diminishing too.
So what do u expect when heavy rain falls. Remember there are no barriers done on this shoreline, so water will easily spread its wings to the coast line and beyond. I stayed in lekki county ikota since 2011 even when that heavy flood that year poured all over lagos, there was no flood in my estate and was only till last year that I started having my compound flooded and this year, last Wednesday, water enter my flat. Doesn't that speak volume that something changed. Lagos state government should come out and assess the coastal line of the Atlantic and their so call eko Atlantic project. We can't build to destroy others.

Babatunde Omorodion:

A few months ago, I had a funny idea! The idea is that the Lagos State Government and the Federal Government should cooperate and dredge the Lagos Lagoon in such a way that the perennial flooding of such areas like Ajah, Ibeju-Lekki, V.G.C. etc, will be reduced. But, first, extensive underwater surveys have to be carried out in order to know the exact areas that were to be dredged. If this idea had been adopted and embarked upon, I sincerely believe that the ravages of the perennial flood problem would've been greatly reduced. The few friends I told looked at me as if as I was completely insane! A friend mentioned that the cost of such a capital intensive project will be prohibitive! I told him that the sharp sand and gravel that'll be dredged up can be sold to building contractors and other interested parties. The whole idea is to deepen the lagoon's bed or channel so that it can contain and hold more water. It's a pity that in Nigeria few people listen to the voices of reason! Not until it's far too late to remedy the situation! The whole area should be declared a disaster zone by the Government!
Zubby Okonkwo:
VGC has a peculiar design gap. It is below the road level. Compare the level of VGC and the level of the express road. Water would naturally take the lowest level. The design should have created large underground drainage mostly around their roads to empty that large body of water to the lagoon pretty fast. Beyond this, flooding is a global issue and most rampant in areas with much rainfall such as Lagos. The few canals that should empty the water to the lagoon are overstretched and most times not cleared prior to rain fall.