Lessons from Stephen Keshi and Henrietta Kosoko 's sudden deaths

Sudden death is the highest killer of people currently, it results from Stress, anxiety and depression . It takes the form of sudden cardiac arrests , aneurysms, strokes and  heart attacks.

Stephen keshi also lost his wife late last year
Stephen keshi also lost his wife late last year
People at risk:
1. An individual who has just lost a loved one: The death of a spouse , child or relative can be a hard burden to bear for someone who  has strong emotional ties to the dead person. Men are the likely victims.
2. Individuals undergoing stress (mental , financial, emotional, career);
3. People receiving medical treatment or seriously ill .

Read on causes of sudden death and coping with loss

1. Surround yourself with close ones , friends and those who make you happy.
2. Eat well and eat healthy, not fatty foods, less sugar, eat more of fruits and vegetables
3. Create time to rest at least 8- 12 hours every day
4. Take a break, go on a vacation.
5. Go for regular medical checkups.
Henrietta Kosoko
Henrietta Kosoko
How we can help:
1. Inform and create awareness about sudden death.
2. Always encourage and support those going through turbulent times.
3. Go on relief duty, assist the pregnant women, a colleague that is doing too much or a boss that needs rest.

Big boss, Stephen Keshi,is a Nigerian footballer and ex- football coach ,  first African to win Nations cup as a player and coach.
Henrietta Kosoko is a popular Nigerian Yoruba actress and wife of famous actor, Jide Kosoko.

Rest on Nigeria's heroes