Male prostitute: A chance encounter with a gigolo in lagos traffic

Male prostitute: A chance encounter with a gigolo in lagos traffic

Personal story:
Just recently , I was coming from to Maryland going towards to Ikeja, The weather was hot as usual, the air humid,  the traffic slower than usual ,it was like using teeth to cut through steel, I experienced discomfort, sweat pouring through every pore of my body, and feeling irritated.

I tried and failed to drone out the yelling shouts and pleas from road side hawkers always asking one to buy something whether you need it or not. Was humming to myself and mentally counting the number of minutes I had to spend more in this hellish traffic before I can shower, drink a cold glass of juice, hit the bed and fall into a luxurious sleep.

A tap on my car window jolted me from the afternoon reverie, What? As I tried to take in what was happening around me and why anyone will be insistently knocking on my car window.You see, as someone living in Lagos, one must be a boy scout, “Always prepared” is the number one security measure, I usually roll up all my car windows leaving only the driver ‘s side and locking up the doors. A further glance at the intruder , I observed he was a young man, well dressed, nothing seems out of place or seemed  dangerous about him.

So I asked , ” What do you want?”

He replied, ” Can I come home with you”

I was taken aback, abi I didn’t hear him properly, is this some sort of a joke.

He repeated, “Let me come home with you, we are going to have a nice time” .

He continued , “You will enjoy me, I am very good you know, no one can do it better than I do, I can give you referrals if you doubt me, just one trial will convince you, take away your doubts and keep you asking for more”

That is when it finally dawned on me, the guy must be a gigolo, looking for an easy hit, from the way he sounded, he must have done this ” asking ladies out in traffic” thing a lot of times, if one can call it asking out. Still I thought it was a joke because it looked so unreal, never experienced anything like it before.

I replied in the negative. “No”

It was like I just gave him go ahead to plead more, he begged, he cajoled, he tried everything, except get in the car with , fortunately the doors were locked.

All this while, the traffic was at a standstill like the circumstances wanted to work in his favor but he picked on the wrong prey. He even came over to my side to continue with his entreaties. That’s when I threatened to report him to the police and cause a loud commotion, funny thing was, the police were just less than ten steps from where the event was unfolding.

"Sister, why na, wetin I do , why you go call police,and na me wan do you good thing o, something wey you go enjoy."

"Should I give you my number,"

"Ok, give me some money for food."

As the drama played out, I kept quiet hoping for a respite, praying in my heart the traffic moves, and in answer to my prayers, the cars in front started moving. Only then did I Breath sigh of relief.

Yet, I asked myself, Why me? Was I a random choice? Do women accept these weird requests from men, a total stranger, a nameless face just for few minutes of fun and the woman will still be the one to cater to his financial needs?
Believe, the hustle is real, there are male prostitutes in Lagos city. 

Story first published on NSG