(Pictures) 10 detailed Nigerian wedding pictures we love

These amazing wedding photography images by Kewve Photography shows us why details are so important when taking wedding pictures. The wedding pictures include cake, table design, bride's shoe, hall decoration, wedding rings, groom's suit, table setting, center pieces, bridal bouquet,wine cups, wedding accessories, couple cutting the cake, bride's entrance, couple holding hands, venue ambiance and bride's accessories. 
wedding photography images by Kewve Photography

To have good quality wedding photos, one must absolutely hire a professional photographer, He/she is experienced to capture the most important moments, like a couple's entrance, first kiss,tying of the nuptial knots, exchanging of rings, facial expressions of groom, bride and guests, wedding attire, outfits, wedding accessories, venue decoration, couple stage and all other details the couple would like. There are other details captured that may seem little and unnecessary but at the end they add life to many wedding pictures.

Reasons why wedding details are so important:
1. They add color, perspective to  wedding photos.
2. They add a breathtaking, quality expression to wedding pictures.
3. They rekindle old memories in future: Imagine a husband going through old wedding pictures and comes on a picture shedding tears at his wedding, he will remember why he married his wife and the love they share.
4. Helps to save the most important moments of the wedding: Weddings always pass in a blur for those involved in the preparation and actual event, wedding pictures shows thee fun, good times during the wedding. 
5. Showcase the professionalism and expertise of the wedding photographer.

Tip: The couple should give a  list of likely moments they will appreciate and love to be captured on camera, though a professional wedding photographer will always be prepared.

To capture a quality wedding picture, the photographer must have
1. A professional camera
2. Adequate lighting
3. Good shots from different angles.

wedding rings

bride's accessories

center pieces

couple cutting the cake

bridal bouquet,

For checklists of all the wedding moments and memories to be captured. See