Relationship advice by Joro Olumofin! 30 Likely places to find Nigerian single men (Lagos and Abuja)

According to Relationship Consultant Joro Olumofin, the following centres of religious worship, social hangouts and food joints  are the 30 likeliest places ladies can meet a "husband material" in Nigeria .
  1.  Daystar church (Lagos)
  2.  House on the rock church (Lekki) 
  3. City of David (Lagos) 
  4. Quilox, Lekki 
  5.  Ikoyi link bridge ( Early In the morning) 
  6. ICM ikeja mall 
  7. Coza abuja 
  8. Hilton abuja 
  9. Hard Rock Cafe (Lagos)
  10.  MM2 or International  Airport: He forgot to mention on the pane during a flight to /fro Lagos-Abuja
  11.  Intercontinental hotel car park
  12.  Wedding reception ( Lagos island, Ikeja, Asokoro Abuja, Wuse 2)
  13.  Traffic light ( Ikeja, Surulere, yaba,VI) 
  14. Any Sharwama Spot
  15.  NYSC Camp
  16.  Ikoyi club gym
  17.  Eko hotel lobby
  18.  The George hotel,  Protea hotel (Sunday buffet)
  19.  Palms shopping mall
  20.  Nigerian Law School 
  21. Redemption Camp
  22.  Mobil Petrol station Ikoyi 
  23.  University of Suya (Allen Avenue) 
  24. Drumsticks Sharwama
  25.  Abuja Play (Abuja) 
  26. Next Barbing saloon (Yaba) 
  27.  Polo Club Lagos,  Boat club ikoyi 
  28. Protea Pool side 
  29. Bank ATM machine
  30.  Instagram Comment Section ( Leaving sensible Comments attract good people and also having a decent display picture)
My own addition; There are  also Cac prayer mountains, Mfm prayer sessions, bible retreats, business meets, women empowerment programs, Shop rite, shopping malls, Facebook pages, Badoo, Tango, dating apps, Suya spot, ice cream parlor, Pepper soup joints, Beer parlours.

Useful advice: Where you look depends on the kind of man you are looking for.

Where would you like tostart looking?


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