Sex playacting! 7 role ideas for couples to improve their sex life

Are you in the mood for some fun? Do you desire some sexual adventure? Is your sex life dull and you looking for ways to improve it?
7 role ideas for couples to improve their sex life

Then try out these playacting roles with your partner , the positions and techniques are  guaranteed to keep both your pulses racing.

1. Play artist and model:
She: Turn your spouse on as you model for him, stretch ,curve and put on a teasing smile as you charm him.
He: Sketch her from lots of sexy angles, linger over her curves and get turned on as you look at her.

2.Play master and servant:
She: Hold his foot in your hands, nibble and suck on his toes gently at first , then harder.
He: Give her a long and lingering foot massage, take her toes softly between you lips and caress them with your tongues.

3. Play waiter and dinner guest:
She: Serve him cocktails fruits and sweet desserts. Get just rewards for being a good waiter
He: Lick all the ice cream, chocolate from off her body. Pay special attention to the curves, hills and valleys.

4. Play Teacher and student:
She: Dress up in school uniform , ask him to teach you all the moves that will please him.
He:  Be a good teacher , willing to teach and listen. Do not be svere in yur punishment. Practice makes perfect.

5. Play army officer and new recruit:
She: Make his pulse race by parading in military style undies. Let him do naked frog marchs as punishments, bark orders at him  and put his hands behind his back.
He: Give her a very intimate  inspection followed by a strict drill in the bedroom. Set limits for each other and push accordingly if she fails.

6. Play dog and mistress:
She:Stand still, allow him to devour you with hungry bites.
He: Be the dog, get down on your hands and knees behind her and surprise her with an unrestrained passion.

7. Act like porn starts: Pretend as porn stars acting for the cameras- Writh, moan , groan and cry out with pleasure as you thrust and take turns pleasing each other. 

To be continued...............