Stevens-Johnson syndrome (Sjs): What is it? Causes and cures

Stevens-Johnson syndrome  (Sjs) is a rare serious disorder that affects the skin and muscous membranes in a body.It is a medical emergency and those affected needs to be hospitalized and given a fast response medical aid.  When taking a patient to the hospital, a friend or family member should go along with him,someone who knows his medical history or what he was doing at the time of symptom manifestation.The friend should  pack and take along  all the known drugs,food, drinks,  prescriptions,  or medications, the patient must have likely taken and get him to the nearest hospital fast.
Stevens-Johnson syndrome (Sjs): What is it? Causes and cures

Severe reaction to a drug, medication or infection.

Discoloration of skin (skin turns unusual black, red or purple)
Skin shedding
Sore throats
Abnormal body swelling (face, skin, nose, mouth)
Burning eyes

Mental disorder
Blood infection
Permanent skin damage
Internal organs failure
Blindness or half blindness

Strong pain relievers
Anti depressants
Quick determinant  and treatment of underlying cause
Anti- inflammation, Anti itching and Antibiotics
Eye care
Rehydration and replacement of loss fluids
Wound care and skin sootheners.

People at risk
Std infected patients (HIV, herpes, Gonorrhea)
Those with previous  Sjs attack or have Stevens-Johnson syndrome history in their family
Those with weak immune system due to sickness, pregnancy or viral infection.
Mentally ill and depressed patients. 
Those with a gene called HLA-B 1502 are at  higher risk.

Prevention and lifestyle
Keep your medical information handy especially if you react to drugs or unfavorable environments.
Wear protective clothing when dealing with sick people when you do not know the cause of sickness.
Have a medical check up at least once a year and know your family's medical history.
(Sadly in Africa, people do not bother to do autopsy on dead relatives to know cause of deaths and prevent possible future occurrences). 

deadly Stevens-Johnson syndrome
Fadesola Adedayo , a Nigeria returnee ran  from Abuja to Lagos as part of an  awareness campaign in raising people's consciousness about the deadly Stevens-Johnson syndrome  which killed his doctor brother, Adeyosola in 2012.