Top 15 natural ingredients to remove blackheads

Black heads are a result of oxidation, they are submerged skin pores which turn black on exposure to air, a breakout can lead to a full blown acne. They usually occur on the face, and its  occurrence is typical of usage of poor or fake cosmetics , onset of menstrual periods, skin irritations and poor hygiene.
These are some artificial skin care products for black head removal : Witch's deep cleansing lotion , Micellar's cleansing water , Garnier moisturiser, Neutrogena blackhead eliminating scrub

 These are the most effective natural home cure ingredients for blackheads.
1. Clays: Bentonite, green or cocoa powder.
2. Tooth paste mixed with salt
3. Egg white face mask
4. Honey
5. Cinnamon
6. Baking soda
7. Oatmeal and Yoghurt mix
8. Lemon juice: Use an exclusive  soft tooth brush to brush the black head into oblivion.
9. Green tea
10. Apple cider vinegar and mint leaves.
11. Sugar: Brown or water.
12. Milk
13. Tomato
14. Tumeric and rose water
15. Essential oils: Jojoba, almond, grape seed, olive

How to make the paste:
Add any dry ingredient to 2 tsp of mineral water or lemon juice to make the paste or mix.

Before using  any of the mix early in the morning before bath or  late in the evening after bath, first clean the face with a toner to open up the pores, afterwards apply any of the mix on your face, leave it on for five minutes . Rinse off and dab dry with a face towel.

After application:
Put some ice cubes on the black heads to keep the pores open.

Useful tips :
  • Never burst black heads, it will lead to proliferation of black spots all over your face and leave you with enviable scars.
  • Use less makeup, too much makeup will only aggravate the issue as makeup blocks skin pores. 
  • Exfoliate regularly: Use essential oils or a cleansing sugar scrub
  • Go for regular steaming sessions either at home or in a suana , better still engage in physical exercise that will cause you to sweat out the blackheads. 
  • Blackheads are not caused by dirt but by skin clogging. Therefore try to clean, wash your  face regularly and open up the pores.
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