Trying to conceive? 5 unnatural, fun ways to have babies

Babies are cute, funny and gifts from  God. No matter the increase in population explosion or baby boom, having babies is usually a goal most people want to achieve before they die , just 1 in 10 persons seem indifferent or have a strong desire  not to want babies. Now more than ever, the baby craze is catching, the obsession of  having a child is at a fever-pitch high, there is an increase in baby mamas, surrogate mothers and fertility clinics. We hear of babies being sold daily by their mothers, nurses or intermediaries as there is a huge market for new born babies.  But there are means and ways of having a child of your own without resorting to illegal means such as buying babies or stealing them.
babies conception

artificial insemination

The 5 methods listed below  are  practical and legal means to have babies.

1. Surrogate mothers: This involves using a woman to carry a pregnancy to term, at the end, she can either have continued access to the child or give up her rights to seeing or communicating with the child in the future, the terms depends on the surrogate mother and the baby's parents. A surrogate mother can be the mothers' sister, friend or relative, a total stranger who is paid for her services , usually the surrogate must have had  experience of birthing a child  and must ensure she takes care of herself and eat well to have a healthy child free of defects. In most cases, a hospital or professional obstetrician expert in such surrogate services supervises the baby making procedure from the initial conception to the final birth and handing over to the parents.

2. Adoption: Though there is huge demand for babies, but surprisingly many women still  discard or dispose of their babies, while the sensible ones give up their babies for adoption due to lack of finances, unwanted pregnancies or mental incapability to take care of the child.Orphan homes and social agencies usually take care of such unwanted babies till others who are need of them come to adopt one or more than child. Ironically, from experience, these children grow up to live well-adjusted, superb lives depending on the parental care or homes in which they are eventually placed. One famous example of an adopted child is Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Inc, makers of Iphones and Itunes.

3.Artificial insemination or Intrauterine insemination ( IUI): This involves Sperm in a jar , by  injecting a woman's uterus with either father's sperm or a donor sperm to activate conception.

4. In vitro fertilization (IVF); Babies made from this procedure are often referred to as test tube babies. The procedure involves extraction of eggs and sperm from the male and female (Parents or donors) the sperm is washed to rid it of germs or disease (such as Hiv),both are transferred to a petri dish and the sperm is injected into the egg using a microscopic needle, once fertilisation take place, the developed embryo is transferred to a test tube. There are various types:
IVF—with Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
IVF—with frozen embryos
IVF—with Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)
IVF—Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer (GIFT)
IVF—Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer (ZIFT)

5. Reproductive Surgery: This is used to correct anatomical abnormalities, remove scarring and clear blockages in either the man or the woman.

There are other baby conception methods under research such as Nuclear transfer, cloning and Cytoplasmic transfer. All fertility treatments requires fertility drugs to be taken along with the treatments to hasten the fertilisation process. 

N.B: Asides the  experience that comes with carrying  the baby in your womb for full 9 months, there is not much you will miss if you choose any of these options. Instead look at the joy and happiness you will gain in future years to come to cater and  nurture the baby from child to adult. And if you are still busy thinking what society or the family will say or do, or you think you will feel shame for having a child through any of  these  unconventional  means. Then you have no business having a child yet.

Who can benefit? Those who need artificial ways of conceiving
1. Wanna be  Single parents: It is not uncommon to find men or women of single status who wish to mother or father a child without going through the rituals of marriage or getting a partner of the opposite sex.Most of the people who choose this route include career driven individuals who believe their busy , hectic lives will leave little room to seek meaningful relationships with other sex, or those who have been previously hurt in previous relationships, or those who for reasons best known to them will like to raise their children on their own. Example Christiano Ronaldo, Portuguese / Real Madrid football player
2. Baby mamas: These are babes who are obsessed to have children of popular people, celebrities, A-list athletes, music stars, actors, football players, politicians. Short of sleeping with these high profile individuals, they can sniff out information as to who is looking for a mother to his future child or who has  his sperm frozen and pay to have such sperm fertilise her egg just to have a claim that she has a baby for a famous personality.
3. Childless couples; A couple can be childless due to many factors, it can be the husband's low sperm count that is unable to fertilise an egg or the wife's womb that is unable to carry a foetus to maturity . No need to remain barren, try out any of the child bearing methods listed above.
4. Same sex partners or transgenders: Applicable to gays, lesbians and transgenders.

Where to get the resources, treatments and baby services?
Fertility clinics
Maternity hospitals
Adoption agencies
Children wards
Expert obstetricians and gynaecologists
Online research : Will continue to update as I get more resources. Need more information or help. Send me a mail at

Remember: Having a baby is fun, but caring for it is hardwork! Only consider having a child if you are ready and willing to accept the responsibilities that comes with such decision. You will have to live with  your action for years, seeing your child constantly and having him/her bear your name.