Wedding inspiration (photo) : Am a chubby bride and I love it

Love is blind, patient, kind and sweet
But the second pose got me wondering if he is really carrying her or holding up. Glad they are having every bit of fun,

Mzznaki Tetteh, a Ghanaian bride to be shared the above pre wedding photos on her social media profile and it has since gone viral. These two lovebirds don't seem to mind the attention their pre wedding shoot pictures is generating online, especially the lady.

She seems to be saying:

"Yes! Am a chubby bride to be and am happy about it.
I have found myself the perfect man who loves me size and all.
Am so looking forward to my happiest moments on my wedding day."

Their action speaks of courage, confidence and living life according to their own rules, not what the society think, friends say or wedding blogs consider perfect. After all, it their bodies and their wedding.
Go for it lady and have a happy married life.