Why Spiked pumps are the latest Fashion shoe trend

Spiked shoes are shoes that made with  protrusions , the protrusions can be metal, ceramic or plastic.
spiked red shoes and cream spiked boots
Spiked red heels  and cream spiked boots

Nigerians have also latched onto the recent fashion trend of owing fashionable spiked shoes: spiked heels, spiked boots, spiked pumps e.t.c.

Why spiked shoes?
For better grip on the ground surface:ideally worn by track and field athletes, but it is becoming more popular among fashion conscious individuals. 
To make a fashion statement: To differentiate  the classy ones from the normal fashion types. 
Just because you can afford it: Most spiked shoes are more expensive than other types of shoes, A Christian Louboutin (A french fashion designer famous for his red soled shoes as trademark) spiked shoe costs  $800 while other shoe pairs cost an average of $600.

How to take care of spiked shoes and wear them for maximum comfort:

  • Do not wear your shoes on wet surfaces.
  • Only run with spiked flat shoes or pumps not the heel ones.
  • When any of the pins remove, take to any shoemaker to help you replace.
  • Get your shoe insured if the cost is so high.
  • Only buy shoes of appropriate fit and feet size, try them on for fit first, walk few paces around to ensure they are your true size. Alternatively, order online from recognized stores who will give you tips on choosing the right shoes.
  • Enjoy them and show off. 
This article will help you chose the ideal wedge shoes.