Shopping! 10 amazing ideas to help you Grocery shop like You were born to do it

Going Grocery shopping is  definitely an important ritual of our daily lives . It is a necessity, without buying groceries, no food can be bought or eaten. Grocery shopping should not be as daunting as it sounds if one is prepared for it.Groceries originally referred to food stuff, but they have been made to encompassed household items, toiletries, drinks, cosmetics but the main focus is still food. Shopping can be fun, enlightening  and adventurous.

10 amazing ideas to help you Grocery shop like You were born to do it
How shopping helps you develop a better lifestyle

These food stuffs and veggies will make even a cast iron stomach melt

Where to buy Groceries
1 . Supermarkets and shopping malls: Shoprite, Costco,Spar, Foodco, Shop and pay, Walmart, Your street shop.
2. Online stores: Errandboy, Jumia, Konga, Netgrocer, Mile 12 Online
3. Traditional markets: Bodija market, Mile 12 market, Ipodo market

3 Types of people who Grocery shop
1. Those who love it: They absolutely look forward to their days of shopping.
2. Those who detest shopping: Having to make choices seems like an unnecessary punishment to them. They breeze in and out of the shop in less minutes than most.
3. Those who do not have time for it: They just get others to handle their shopping for them.

These useful tips will help you make better buys, maximize your efforts and achieve more with your grocery shopping .
 3 Types of people who Grocery shop
1. Choose specific days to go grocery shopping: Many choose Saturdays or Sundays to buy their  food and provisions , because these are typically the less busy days for most workers .You can also do your grocery shopping during weekdays if possible, a better option considering the shops have less crowd and more parking space.  A day set side for shopping makes it definite in your daily planner and you know it is an important chore to fulfill.  Your shopping can be one day of the week, twice a week or three times in a month depending on your consumption rate and need to refill.

2. Have a list and stick to the plan: The problem most shoppers have is they end buying what they do not need. It can be  a case of first love at first sight, an appealing package, a salesman sweet words, or an impulsive buy, but seriously, you do not need to  give in and buy what you will not end up using anyway. Ladies tend to do that more often,we have spaces in our homes filled with items bought during impulsive moments, because we buy based on beautiful packages than practicality. A prioritized list helps to simplify the goals of the shopping, write what you need only, state in specific terms like brand, model, type and quantity . If it is not on your list, then it is not important, yo can do without it for a few more days before your next grocery shopping trip. This will help you save cost, reduce clutter and wastage.
 You can browse or window shop, but if you are going to be buying food, do not spend so much time browsing the beauty section. Be focused.

3. Prepare a budget and stick to it: State out the amount you are willing to spend, up to an indulgence cash, an amount you will spend on a wad of gum, chocolate or  popcorn, or give to beggars, have specifics. Whenever I visit shoprite, Ikeja, I have extra cash I spend on Ice cream, I will go for the cone cups which are cheaper, though I would have preferred Hans and Rene Sorbet Ice cream, I only take that when am on pleasure trips , not while am doing grocery shopping. Do not over spend.

4. Buy in bulk: This can be a challenge to those who have irregular power supply and cant store food for days. But there are other items that do not not require refrigeration such as tinned or canned products (Sardines, milk, cereal, water). Buying in bulk makes your trips to the stores less frequent , moreover you are not easily affected by sudden price hikes or unavailability of goods.

5. Buy fresh,quality, healthy  and  unexpired items only: Check for date of production and expiry dates, health instructions, contents , food agency (Nafdac) approvals, Batch number, Year and place of manufacturing, License (if they are imported goods). If unsure, ask a store helper to give you more information or browse for details and read up on your phone.

6. Mega stores doesn't necessarily mean cheaper buys: Though many big supermarkets source their products directly from manufacturers bypassing wholesalers, thereby making their products more affordable , but there are other products like fresh farm foods and vegetables that are more expensive due to the huge refrigeration systems that are used to preserve them. If you are buying in bulk, you should go to the farms or traditional market to buy your food produce.

7. Create a backup plan: Have a list of stores that are close to your location, if a store doesn't carry the item you need, there is a possibility that another shop will have it. Also, when your favorite brand is not available, a close alternate can replace it. For example buying Pampers instead of Huggies or Coast milk instead of Peak milk.

8. Collect coupons and discount cards: Big stores who understand the value of rewards offer discounts to loyal customers to keep them coming back. So collect coupons and discount cards to enjoy the discount rates or win their promos. Also to encourage a cashless system, some stores reward buyers who pay with credit cards. Find out  the reward policy of  your favorite stores to know what will work for you.Also  Keep receipts during the period of  promo buys.  .

9. Be safety conscious when shopping:

  • Keep your children and wards close to you, always have an eye on them, do not let them stray away from your sight.
  • Report suspicious movements or unusual behavior in a stranger.
  • Keep your cars properly locked , remove bags , purses from car seats or any other items that can attract thieves. 
  • Do not receive help or unwanted attention from suspicious characters, those always eager to help you with bags or push a child cart. 
  • Never leave your bag open, with half of the contents almost spilling out .
  • Do not leave your child, bag , or cart  unattended. 

10. And when the task seem overwhelming to you or you are pressed for time : Do more of online shopping and delivery or Employ the services of errand services who are willing to handle your grocery shopping for minimum costs.

How shopping helps you develop a better lifestyle

1. Shopping expands your knowledge: After regular shopping experiences, one becomes a professional, you become equipped to navigate the shops like a pro, you get to know the shops that stock the items you need at cheaper prices and the shops that always have the quality items.
2. It helps you to make better and healthier  choices

3. It encourages bonding and family time: Most families go shopping together, while  mothers and daughters face  the food aisles , fathers and sons face  the household supplies , at the end of day, the family have all the supplies they need.

4. You get to meet people, connect with others , advertise your business while catching up on your shopping: In the olden days, the market place, grocer's shop is the meeting point of the community where people share news, gist, gossip and relate information about what is happening in their society. Others use it as a place to promote their new businesses, the same can still be achieved in recent times. You can share your fliers, initiate a conversation with fellow shoppers while waiting on the payment queue or browsing through food aisles. A simple sentence like " I have seen  that brand you are holding, though I haven't tried it, Does it taste as good as it looks" can just be the opening to start a new friendship.

5. You can use grocery shopping as weight loss tool: Most weight losers find all their nutrients requirements and food supplements in a grocer's shop. While Apple cider vinegar is not a common food item at the market, it is readily available in big grocery shops in Nigeria. Even naturalistas love shopping, they can only get most of their hair food boosters, hair growers and natural products at huge supermarkets.