20 Killer business ideas for Undergraduates and Corpers

20 Killer  business ideas for Undergraduates and Corpers

Popular businesses in high demand revolves around  providing knowledge, creating wealth for others and human consumption needs. After  a careful research (Believe me, this post was diligently written days after the initial draft) and responses from various students in tertiary Institutions, fresh graduates and Serving corpers. These under listed 20 business ideas are currently rated to be the best selling entrepreneurship ideas.

1. Sale of Mobile phones/ Tech gadgets: Phones, Laptops, computers, Modems, Wifi , Internet data, Recharge cards, Phone accesories, earpieces, Internet Tv box, Go/Dstv decoders.

2. Sale of Cosmetics, beauty and makeup products:  Connect with brands or visit market to buy bulk supplies. Foundation, tweezers, nail polish, powder, eyebrow curlers. Find the latest beauty product  or release and be the sole distributor in your location.

3. Organizing tutorials, craft lessons: Do you have a favorite subject you can teach? Then, offer your services as a lesson teacher organize vocational, skill acquisition programs for willing students.

4. Social media manager: There are lots of brands, personalities and companies who need an efficient person to manage their numerous social media handles and their online presence, respond to fans/clients and continue to engage positively with their target audience. This is what you can easily do in your free time and almost s cost you nothing, think of you doing what you love, web surfing and still getting paid for it. But be a professional and never allow sentiments or your personality get into the pages you are managing. It is easy to be distracted and lose focus while you are online.

5. Freelance writer: Guest post on blogs, write for magazines, newspapers, online forums and get paid for it.

6. Photography: Items needed to start, A good camera or phone
7. Video coverage
8. Bag or Shoe making
9. Sales of fashion, beauty accessories or clothing item: Wristwatches, hair clips, ties, Facinators, hats, belts, socks , singlets, men suits. New or second hand clothing items ( A Popular hit  among students).

10. Fashion designers/stylists
11. Makeup artistry and gele tying
12. Sale of consumables and personal items: Provisions, Herbal medicine ,   food stuff, novels, magazines, cds e.t.c.

13. Drycleaning 
14. Hair dressing/barbing
15. Personal weight loss trainer

16.  Beauty services: Body  Massage,facial therapy,  Manicure, pedicure, nail artistry, spa manager,
17. Sports betting agent: Seems sports betting is the next big thing, though engage in it if your conscience allows you. As some people are against any form of gambling due to their religious or personal beliefs.
18. Food /drinks/party vendor: Caterers, bartender, smoothies, Suya man, Small chops specialist,
19. Party/ Event services: Hall decoration, ushering, Promo agents, Road show managers
20. Art and design: Web manager, Graphic artists, Blog consultants, Artists.

10  tips on How to get  started as a student or fresh graduate:
1. Raise the initial capital from personal savings and donations from family members or friends. Never borrow or take loan from a financial institution. It is not worth starting off a new business and using all the profits to repay debts.
2. Secure an operating space: A corner in your room, a passage in Students union building,  a shared space under a tent/canopy, a kiosk. Choose whatever you can afford, you can upgrade as business flourishes.
3. Inform colleagues, friends about your business, ask them for referrals and to help you spread your business to others. Remember word of mouth advertising is the most reliable, fastest and cheapest form of advertising. Make use of it diligently.
4. Keep track of sales and expenses. This is nt the time to engage in distractions or frivolous expenditure. Scrimp and save if you must.
5. Plough back profits into the business to create bigger expansion and new opportunities.
6. Inform all necessary agents/authorities such as student representatives, market agents or Nysc officials.Register with the appropriate authorities if required.
7. Before you venture into any business, make sure it is one you love and knowledgeable about especially when expertise is required. If Not, get knowledge and seek understanding via trainings, market surveys or mentoring.
8. Use social media and the Internet   to your advantage, instead of catching up on the latest news and gossip, market your products/services, network and research new trends , customer behavior and product releases in  the market.
9. Be a good manager of time: Time your activities from school hours, or community development days , exams, classes. Do not let business interfere with your primary priority which is to earn a good degree or finish the mandatory youth service program.
10. Pray for direction  and commit your ways to God.

Added advantage for students and corpers
1. The above named businesses requires no fixed location, you can provide mobile services. It is so easy to select the tools/portfolio you need and to move around. Your flexibility gives you an edge over other rigid companies.
2. Starting early in business gives you an edge, you have a business to fall back on when no jobs are forthcoming or need to submit a business for an investor's grant.
3. You start from where you are and with what you have. Risks and losses are minimal.
4. You and your big future customers have opportunity of growing together. Many of my own customers now are friends from the early days in school and during Nysc.
5. Learn as you grow.

Next time you complain there is no free money in your pocket, you should have yourself to blame. Three are lots of business ideas floating around and you are yet to snatch one, work on it and turn it into a profitable enterprise.