25 Popular Bag styles everyone loves to carry Including Fashion sisters Laura and Linda Ikeji

What is in a bag? Why are some people especially ladies obsessed with the kind of bags they carry?  These are  questions only  Fashion non-conformists will ask. A bag is more than a fashion item. It is an individual's style symbol. There are lots of bag styles, but more designs are popular than others.
 Knapsack bag
Laura showing off her  Knapsack bag
The kind of bags we buy is determined by:

a. Purpose- Various bags  are made for different uses; to hold makeup, toiletries,tools, groceries, shoes,party gifts,souvenirs,  outfits, cosmetics,  luggage, clothes, books, laptops, electronic gadgets and other items. 
b. Design- This is determined by the creator of the bag. Bags are made in different colors, sizes (V-shape, square, oval) and moulds (Bucket,basket), the combination of which appeals to the buyers and influence their decision in buying a particular bag. 
c. Price- This is dependent on a buyer's social status and financial capacity. A bag's price is determined by its manufacturer, brand label, material of production, exclusivity, custom orders, location and reseller price. 

Now we know what influence a buyer's choice when buying  a bag, while celebrities and fashion icons will go for designer bags and brand names, middle/low income class will rather buy a bag for its practicality purpose , cheaper price instead of its manufacturer's label .

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There are 25 popular bag styles and designs that everyone love to have. A bag lover will have at least four to five different types or ten of a particular design , depending on the kind of bag he/she loves. Few bag eccentrics will have all the bag styles in her wardrobe.
 Nigerian bloggers, Linda and Laura Ikeji (They are sisters and both fashion lovers) show off some of their favorite bags too in this post.

25 Favorite Bag styles

1. Drawstring bag
Learn how to make a drawstring bag

2. Travel bag/ Luggage bag/Suit case
 Travel bag/ Luggage bag/Suit caseSuit case

3. Makeup organizer bag
Makeup organizer bag
An envelope purse doubling as a makeup organizer bag
4. Tshirt  turned to carrier bags
5. Wine bottle bags
6. Pocket tote
7. Denim bags
8. The Hobo bag
The Hobo bag

9. The saddle bag
10. Dinner Clutch
Dinner Clutch
11. Shoulder strap bag
Shoulder strap bag2
Handbag from Moda Fashion
Shoulder strap bag

12. Envelope purse
Envelope purse
13. Macrame bag
Macrame bag

14. Crotchet bag
Crotchet bag
15. Box bag
Box bagBox bag 2
16. Wallet
17. Bucket bag
Tote bag, Tshirt, Bucket bag, Wallet purse
From Top Left: Tote bag, Tshirt, Bucket bag, Wallet purse
18. Laptop bag
Laptop bagck

19. Back pack bag
Back pack bag

20. Sling bag
 Sling bag
Laura all smiles with her  Sling bag
21. Wristlet bag
Wristlet bag
Linda Ikeji slings her bag across her arms
22. Rucksack bag
Rucksack bag

23. Satchel  bag
Satchel bag
Another signature Laura pose with her Saddle bag
24. Knapsack bag
 Knapsack bag
Laura showing off her  Knapsack bag
25. V shape Manilla style bag
V shape Manilla style bagV shape Manilla style bag2

In recent times, bags made fro Fabric and prints are increasingly becoming more popular as they are unique and different from the traditional plain colour leather bags.
print bag
Linda Ikeji with a print bag

What do ladies carry in their bags?