30 popular Beauty services to jumpstart your money making beauty business

"Mondays are for business"

No doubt, the business industry is fast growing and only a few understands how to make successfully make money from it, the makeup and cosmetics business is beyond who can do a better a makeup, it has to do with passion and zeal to start a profitable enterprise.
30 popular  Beauty services to jumpstart your money making beauty business

Who can get involved in the beauty business?

These 30 top services offered by beauty specialists across Nigeria and many other parts of the world are popular and  a good bet for beginners and the professionals in the beauty game to get involved with. This is so because these offered beauty services  are in huge demand. Almost everyone wants to have a perfect body, flawless skin like the Kardashians and top beauty role models around the world. Most people also understand that in achieving their dream bodies, they require a little help and they are willing to pay to achieve their goals . 

The services are; 
  1. Pink lips
  2. Skin therapy
  3. Body piercing (Ears, nose, tongue, skin piercing)
  4. Temporary  or permanent tattoo
  5. Permanent makeup
  6. Facials
  7. Weight loss treatment
  8. Natural slimming
  9. Eyebrow threading, tweezing and permanent eyebrows. 
  10. Laser treatment
  11. Slimming
  12. Teeth whitening and cavitation
  13. Tattoo removal
  14. Hair boosters or bald alternative
  15. Stretch mark removal
  16. Spot removal
  17. Skin treatment
  18. Scar solution
  19. Makeup
  20. Body Waxing
  21. Spas and body massage
  22. Hair removal
  23. Mole removal
  24. Teeth blinging
  25. Skin lightening: Tanning, toning and skin exfoliation
  26. Manicure and pedicure
  27. Sales of  beauty pills, makeup and skin care  products
  28. Sale of Tatoo shirts and customized Jerseys
  29. Consultancy for famous individuals, brands and beauty events
  30. Trainings

Some beauty stores even offer sex toys for sale as ego boosters for their clients.

Tips For new entrants into the beauty game:
1. Start with one or two services and grow as you expand. Alternatively you can become an affiliate and sign up as distributor/retailer of known brands or professionals.
2. Get some training
3. Do your research on the type of clients you want, business target and location you want to operate from.
4. Have a backup plan.
5. Enjoy and have funds you continue to learn and grow in the business

Who can get involved in the beauty business?

  1. Students
  2. Beauty entrepreneurs
  3. Job seekers
  4. Investors
  5. Makeup and cosmetics enthusiasts

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