30 Popular Blogging Categories and sub niches for Nigerian Bloggers according to Google search (Chart)

30 Popular Blogging Categories and sub niches for  Nigerian Bloggers according to Google search
Chart: 30 Blogging niches  showing popular results

This chart will prove useful for new bloggers or bloggers looking for profitable niches in the Nigerian blogosphere. The blogging categories listed are the most goggled blogs in Nigeria currently,  for bloggers trying to make a business of their blogs, there is no use if you are not in the right niche. As seen in the table above, Politics, fashion, Technology,Humor, news, make money online, agriculture, travel, diys , Education and sports  categories are some of the  ten popular searches online.Surprisingly,only few of these categories are concentrated on by bloggers in Nigeria , they all focus on entertainment and celebrity gists because they mistakenly believe that's where the money is. Now you see there are other niches that can pull millions of traffic judging by what Nigerians are looking for online.  I have compiled a list of  thirty highest paying blog categories  and their related sub niches. 

1. Gist/Celebrities/ Gossip blogs: 1,140,000 results

Sub Niches: Interviews, latest trends, breaking news, Nollywood, Celebrities lifestyle, famous people goofs  scandals.

2. Event planning and wedding blogs:  1,930,000 results
Sub Niches: Wedding planning, bridal inspiration, honey moon destinations, brides outfits, wedding inspirations, grooms outfits, bridal train ideas, event vendors, event venues, wedding tips, hall decorations, wedding decorations, wedding tales.

3. Hair blogs:- 360,000 results
Sub Niches: Natural hair, hair products, hair accessories, hair meetups, hair salons in Nigeria, colored hair, African hair, braiding, wigs, hair costume.

4. Fashion blogs: 1,080,000 results
Sub Niches: Latest fashion styles, Ankara fashion, Traditional outfits, casual wears, where to find good tailors in each state, fashion designers network, fashion week events, showcasing Nigerian fashion, style ideas, fashion tips,Bags, shoes, men's fashion, women fashion,wristwatches, fashion accessories.

5. Food blogs:-1,960,000 results
Sub Niches: How to cook, kitchen utensils and equipment, Nigerian dishes, restaurant reviews, Food and drink recipes, seasonal foods, food crafts, food art, teas, natural food, food preparation, 5 minutes recipes, cook books, mixology, pastry making, baking, food plating, food reviews, recipe creation,table manners, food etiquette.

6. Travel:-2,750,000 results

Sub Niches : Bugdet traveling, destination Nigeria, cultures exploration, cheap hotels, car rentals, escort service, trip advice, tourist guide, tourist venues, organized tours,tours, cultural centers, cruises, sailing, flying.

7. Relationship blogs:-586,000 results

Sub Niches: Lesbianism, single Nigerians, Happily married, marriage experience, romance, same sex relationships, gay, Lbgt, Transgender issues, love proposals, relationship advice, Question and answer, dating, hookups, Love stories, wedding tales, honeymoon tales, single and married singles meet.

8. Beauty blogs:-1,900,000 results

Sub Niches: Cosmetics, makeup products, natural beauty products, beauty companies in Nigeria, makeup tips and tutorials, gele tying, skin lightening, face beauty, skin care, body surgery, costume makeup, theatre makeup, makeup videos.

9. Lifestyle and personal blogs:- 2,210,000 results

Sub Niches: Individual personality, personal fashion and style ,celebrity lifestyle, home and living, interior decoration, daily living, What I wore/ What I use, a combination of two or more niche topics, but not more than four.

10. Technology blogs: 1,380,000 results

Sub Niches: Phones, electronic gadgets, mobile smartphones, android devices, specific brands (Nokia, Lg, Samsung, e.t.c), Wifi devices, computers, Tvs, flat screens, laptops, I phones, latest machines, product development,product release.

11. Business blogs:-4,140,000 results

Sub Niches: Insurance, personal finance, Investment, banking, Economics, stocks and trades, Deals, loans, business proposals, fund raising, seed investment, venture capitalism, business startups, online business, business inventory, business list, companies information, wealth creation, financing, Imports and exports, exchange rates,

12. Entertainment-752,000 results

Sub Niches: Music, movies, movie reviews, song lyrics, artist profiles, Movie premieres, music shows, music contests, celeb fans’ clubs, alternative music, local music,

13. News-5,500,000 results

Sub Niches: State news, local news, community news, national news, breaking news, Online reporting, online media,

14. Politics and government :3,570,000 results

Sub Niches: Political analysis, list of government agencies, focus on civil service, government aids, political appointments, political satire.

15. Industry based blogs: 3,070,000 results

Sub Niches: Aviation, Automobile, transportation, shipping, maritime, banking, legal, medical,engineering, piloting,

16. Sports and games 3,910,000 results

Sub Niches: Football, sport analysis, sports men profiles, sport interviews, replays, match reviews, athletics, basketball, Judo, wrestling, boxing,Tennis,sports betting, gaming, online gaming, card games, gambling, game reviews, sports tools, soccer, club jerseys, coaching tips, who signed who, latest athletes rankings, club statistics.

17. Diys-:1,660,000 results

Topics: Photography, Ankara crafts, computer trouble shooting, phone repairs,how to blog successfully in Nigeria, Beading, Cream mixing, Crafting, how to sew, bagmaking,robot building, mobile app creation, graphics design, photoshop, web building, painting, programming, software coding, audio production, video editing,skill acquisition, knitting, cooking, bartending, baking, handmade crafts.

18. Online guide blogs:-
3,540,000 results

Sub Niches: How to blog, social media tips, online marketing, adverts online, free ebooks, online training, Where to find best deals, online sales, Discount sales, Affiliate market, online shopping,

19. Parenting-2,360,000 results

Sub Niches:Single parenting, Joint parenting, child care, Teens , Motherhood, fatherhood, child raising, mums, pregnant mothers.

20. Health- 893,000 results

Sub Niches: Personal fitness, weightless, drug use, herbal cures, natural medicine, women’s health, men’s health, child health, puberty, Nigerian hospitals and medical centres, Exercise, pregnancy, cancer awareness, heart disease, genotype matching, blood donation,

21. Faith based and religious blogs:- 3,270,000 results

Sub Niches: - Christianity,Islam, traditional beliefs, atheism,secularism,  bible scriptures, religious organizations, personal principles, Quran readings.

22. Job and vacancy blogs: -1,830,000 results

Sub Niches: Career guide, vacancy posts, job advertisements, school guide, scholarships, mentoring.

23. Educational and Social advocacy- 2,500,000 results

Sub Niches: Legal aid, Human rights activism, Schools guide, advocacy support, call for help, academic guide, Nysc advise, letter writing, environment protection, social awareness, customer support, subject tutorials, course aid, art and culture, study abroad, school profiles, educational loans and grants.

24. Promos and deals blogs:-2,180,000 results

Sub Niches: Online deals, companies’ adverts, giveaways, online contests, products promotion, sponsored promos.

25. Make money online blogs-:3,150,000 results

Sub Niches: Affiliate marketing, Blogging, selling of products, eCommerce sites, Forex trading, online business tutorials.

26. Personal development blogs- : 698,000 results

Topics – Motivational posts, inspiration, personal finance, budgeting, self improvement, self analysis, psychology, freelance writing, fiction writing, interest, passion and ambition pursuing, communication skills, poise and appearance, Quotes, social etiquette, interview preparation, how to seal deals.

27. Language learning blogs-:639,000 results

Sub Niches: Yoruba, French, English,Spanish, Chinese, German, Grammar, Diction, spelling check, typography, sentence building, crash language course,

28. Agriculture blogs-:3,250,000 results

Sub Niches: Farming, animal farming, fruit farming, arable farming, crop farming, farmers aid, cash crops, poultry, husbandry, fishery, wildlife, horticulture, forestry, gardens

29. Humour blogs-:2,040,000 results

Sub niches: Satire, sarcasm, comedy, funny jokes, pranks, just for laughs, Nigerian comics, animation, famous people ‘slips, goofs, internet jokes, memes, gif memes,

30. Animal blogs-:1,050,000 results
Sub Niches: Pets, animal training, animal food, animal care, animal raising, Vet medicine, rescued animals, animal shelter, baby animals.

To find more about your chosen niches and top keywords linking to your blog , these four tools will prove helpful.

1. Google trends: https://www.google.com/trends . For  latest trends in your blog categories.

2. Metrics net: https://metricskey.net. Measures Traffic  and  monitor competitors' performance.

3. Keyword planner: https://adwords.google.com. Get all the related keywords and terms users are searching for online. 

4. Google analytics: https://analytics.google.com. To monitor users visitors demographics, referral links , bounce rate, search terms and traffic on your blog. 

5. Seoprofiler: https://www.seoprofiler.com. To anlayse your site, page optimization and website audit purposes.

The tools will help you find new keywords that you can use to build seo , increase traffic to your site and improve your blog presence in search engines.

Why choosing the right niche is the best decision for your blog
1.  You get more traffic, as people search for related terms in your blog on Google or other search engines, your blog topics will be shown to visiors who will likely click on them especially if they provide the adequate information a visitor is looking for.
2. To improve site optimization and blog rankings. Your blog can easily rank on Google's first page.
3. Increase your chances of getting more adverts , improve earnings, sales and blog visitor conversions.
4. It shows your authority as the best in your niche, you are one of the select few specializing in a particular category,  and not one of the many lost in the crowd.
5. Carrying out research for your topics increase your exposure and knowledge about what you blog about. 

Blogging tip: Before you decide on the niche to focus , make sure it is one you are passionate about and you love. Can you easily write 5 articles on the topic in a week?

This is not an exhaustive list, it serves as a guide to assist you in making the best blogging decision.
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