5 lessons from #saveMayowa fund raising scandal

By now, most Nigerians  living within and outside the country has been made aware of Mayowa Ahmed case, a sad case of a terminally ill patient suffering from Ovarian cancer and who needs immediate treatment. Few days ago, her plight was brought to the attention of Nigerians and a funds raised on her behalf. While the lady suffers, there has been online bickering , going back and forth, name calling between individuals who are supposed to be helping the lady. However as the case is being resolved and a compromise reached among the involved parties, here are  few lessons to be learnt from Mayowa's case. 

5 lessons from #saveMayowa fund raising scandal
Mayowa in good health and on her sick bed with Toyin Aimakhu

 1. Nigerians are truly sensitive and caring people. N85 million Naira raised within a week, By the same set of people who are reluctant to do online business transactions or transfer money online. God bless Nigerians, Go fund me  and the power of social media.

2. A celebrity achieves more if she is really passionate and involved in a cause. Lets face it, Toyin Aimakhu involvement in the case got the desired attention, had a wider reach and got the message across faster. If her  name and status has been used to raise the funds and if her condition for  involvement is to know about the plans for Mayowa's health , it is not too much to ask.I hope other Nigerian celebrities use their platform to create awareness and help the plight of those i need. It is not only about fame we achieve  but how much impact we can create in other people's lives. 

3. Nigerian bloggers  and media personalities need to verify their stories before publishing  especially stories that has to with people's personal experiences, matters of love, life and death.  Irreparable damage,bad feelings,  hurt emotions  and irreconcilable differences can arise from unverified damaging stories as in the case of Linda's Ikeji story about the case, claiming the fundraising was a sham. People need to understand that you do not need to use other people's hurts, pains and sadness to gain cheap popularity or make sudden fortune off their plights. While it is tempting to write catchy headlines and be the first to breaking news, we should also exercise patience and temper haste with caution. 

4. The health ministry and Health maintenance organisations (HMO) in Nigeria needs a total overhauling and a messiah to set things rights. Hospital administration is lacking the necessary hospitality and expertise to deal with patients, lacks good health care facilities, has cases of  incessant wrong diagnosis of patients, improper care and always leave situations till the very last minute when it has finally worsened. HMOs are not up to their task, no awareness, no information, no proactive measures. What happens to the funds if God forbids Mayowa dies? Does the family keep the money or the money goes to help other  terminally ill patients?

5. In all, Nigerians should realize that there should be accountability, honesty and diligence in any cause we sign up for. Sentiments apart, though Mayowa's sickness, cancer,  is a matter of life and death, but finances are involved and the fastest way to destroy a person's hard earned reputation in this country is to have a a slur of financial misappropriation tagged on him. Independent auditors should be brought and allowed to monitor how the funds is spent to ensure the right recipient gets the necessary health care . 

When we begin to make ourselves accountable and require same in
in others. Corruption will no longer thrive in our country. 

Currently, the foundation  spearheading the campaign  of helping Mayowa is Lifestake, owned by Aramide Kasumu and Mayowa is at Luth awaiting further treatments and transfer abroad. 

Join the league of Good Samaritans. Donate to help get Mayowa back on her feet. 


Precious Nkeih said…
Yes, stories should be verified before published.
I love how Nigerians came together to help this lady.
I pray healing and life eternal for her.