5 Lessons Learnt from the twitter drama involving 2 lesbians, a Stolen Mifi, Cocaine and NDLEA

In case you missed it, read it here first , The story involves 4 Nigerian ladies (so called twitter big girls), a stolen mifi, Cocaine addiction , accusation of lesbianism and NDLEA reaction. Now here are some lessons learnt from the twitter drama. 

1. Twitter is not just a social media platform, the Nigeria twitter especially is more than what we bargained for, it is the site to go to for funny stories, Amebo gists, hilarious jokes, sarcasm tweets, political fights, youth discussions, snubs and subs at other twitter users. Companies, agencies and individuals who want to engage their audience in a more personal manner need to use twitter .

2. Lesbianism and same sex relationships in Nigeria is real . 14 years notwithstanding. 

3. Mifi also means Wifi.

4. NDLEA , Nigeria's drug enforcement agency monitors cases of drugs sale or usage even online. Not sure , though of the punishment for drug users, it may not be so severe considering the ladies can flaunt their sniffing cocaine blatantly online. 

5. Nigerians are confirmed hell raisers with their brand of jokes , mischievous tweets and memes. In every situation, no matter how sad, Naija people will always see the lighter side .

In conclusion, While you join me to wait  for the next phase of the drama, follow me on twitter @toyinsays