5 photo apps/tool to edit pictures flawlessly and improve your online writing

1. To edit pictures: Use the Online Photoshop tool  or Pixlr photo editor to flatten Tummy,make a potbelly shrink,  highlight checks, correct facial flaws, add color to cheeks, improve on makeup and general editing. Use Liquifier in Adobe Photoshop to reduce stomach fat , the pinch and bloat tool  or spot healer will perform the same task for the Online photoshop and pixlr editor tools.

Spot the difference? One picture is bloated, the other is flattened

2. To create a collage or picture mixer: Use Pixiz, the great pic mix tool to create photo collages of pictures, texts and captions. There are different backgrounds, filters, captions and  pic mix frames available. The sister site Bloggif can be used to create photo montages, with animated texts and graphics.

3.  Lunapic: Ideal tool for creating gif,s animated graphics , blending images and changing backgrounds.

4. Paint: To screen shot  a picture, press Ctrl+ PrintScrn (Windows) on your keyboard, this captures and copies the picture,open Paint and right click to paste the picture in a new window.

Tip:  (Click on the Windows button , the one that has four square flags. Type paint and search if it is not in the list of  start up programs)
Press save. To edit the picture, open in the folder and use the Microsoft picture manger to edit.

5. Microsoft picture manager: To easily crop pictures, add brightness, increase brightness, re size pictures, compress pictures to the right pixels.