Bloggers connect; Meet Precious Nkeih of Preciouscore blog

Its another great Saturday and today, we are meeting one of the resourceful African  women who is greatly contributing to the blogosphere.  Cameroonian by birth but Nigerian by affiliation. And to think I stumbled on her blog through food (Me and food, but it has brought good opportunities my way except my  tummy). Anyways you will love to meet this lady, she writes great killer content,believe me it is an admirable feat that  must have taken her hours or days , she also churns out helpful blogging tutorials for newbies and old bloggers desiring to upgrade their game. Her blog theme is fantastic too.  
Enough of my rambling, Lets go meet Precious 
Precious Nkeih
Precious Nkeih 
Meet me
My name is Precious Meshi Nkeih. I love to call myself an accidental stay-at-home mom because I didn't really plan to become one. However, I'm loving it! Someone said let your kids inspire and not kill your dream. My kids inspired me to blog. I wanted to be there for them and I also wanted to be there for my passion.

About my blog
The name of my blog, "Precious Core" simply means the blog is the core of Precious (me). This means it is where I share my core - the varying bits of my life. I share my true life stories and experiences, mouth-watering recipes, blogging tips, lessons on faith, beauty and much more. Those are the things that make up me.
 My blog centers on love, life, food and fun.

M y role models
 One of my role models is Ree Drummond also known as The Pioneer Woman. I discovered her blog a couple of months ago and I was thrilled to see how similar we are. She became a stay at home mom, after years of studying in school like me. Yet she started blogging from her home in the country, "in the middle of nowhere". Her blog grew, she got a TV show, wrote books and worked with brands. She made being a housewife a brand. I love that woman.
B loggers connect; Meet Precious Nkeih of Preciouscore blog

Best advice
 Live everyday as though it were your last.

Best blogging resources
 Pinterest! That's where it is happening! It has so many resources for bloggers. I sleep there. Hahaha.

Advice to9 other bloggers
To bloggers, I'll say create killer content, be consistent and don't give up. To blog readers, I'll say if you like a post, don't just walk out of it. Take a moment and leave a comment. It encourages the blogger to keep producing content.

Loves of my life
 I love to sing, dance and act silly with my kids. Emphasis on the act silly with my kids part.

Blogging as part time or full time career
I'll say start as a part time job first and then you could grow into full time. Blogging is a real thing and when a blog grows, it could pay the bills. But you have to work for it. Also, never get into blogging for the money. Blog because you want to create value.

Greatest moment
My greatest moments are when people thank me for blogging. It always melts my heart. No lowest moments so far.

Helpful sites for bloggers
 For blogging resources, I'll recommend my blog, I've poured in some good stuff in the blogging category! I'll also recommend some two really awesome ladies who are helping bloggers worldwide. Find them at and

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