Events! Nickdel Schools holds a combined valedictory/ Prize giving day for her students

Events; Nickdel Schools holds a combined valedictory/ Prize giving day for her students
Award giving ceremony day at Nickdel schools
Nickdel Schools, a group of schools owned and managed by Mrs Modupe Adeleke held its  first combined valedictory and graduation service  for the 2015/2016 session. The event held on  28th July 2016 at the International conference centre, University of Ibadan was a firsts of its kind as the valedictory ceremony was a joint session for all the Nickdel group of schools which comprises of :

  1. Nickdel College Ibadan
  2. Nickdel private school, Agodi
  3. Margaret Claire school of arts and science, Bodija
  4. Oluyole private school, Oluyole
  5. Moret comprehensive college, Adamasingba 
All located in Ibadan , Oyo state.

I am an Alumni of Nickdel College (2000 set), hence an invitation was extended  to me to give a motivating speech to the graduating students, as part of my own contribution, I donated a prize to the best female graduating student of Nickdel college to encourage her. Did I also mention I ws the best graduating student of my set ( Sorry, cant stop boasting).
Choreography by Nickdel students
Choreography by Nickdel students
Highlights of the event included|;
  1. Prize giving to deserving students
  2. Choreography
  3. News cast/ Interview by students ( Heard fluent Queen's English grammar and diction)
  4. Speech presentation y Guest speaker, Professor (Mrs) Osofisan, first Nigerian female Computer science Phd holder. 
  5. Presentations by Adeleke university officials and counselling for students who want to study abroad.
Guests at the event included Dr Femi Aluko, Hon Ademola Ige, Mr Job Ogunronbi, Alumni of Nickdel schools and parents. 

The proprietress, Mrs Adeleke being interviewed by one of her pupils


Anonymous said…
Indiscipline in OPS /OPICC

I hope it won't be late before you realise what indiscipline has cost your organisation. Where students would fight and beat another to a pulp without any staffs interference, and still repeat same another day because no capital punishment is melted out to the culprits, a school where students will hold party and be show-casing their assets, a school where teachers lack morals to discipline students without beating them like a goat and extorting the half educated parents unchecked. We don't even know the difference between your so called private school and public school anymore. What if in the process the student fainted/died? You are too busy making money, forgetting the standard of your school and the welfare of the students. No wonder the award programme and anniversary held at UI conference center failed woefully with the money collected from the students when the management lack discipline. Check your records you are loosing patronage, no parents would want to enrol their wards in school where their security and safety is not guaranteed. Everyday, students carried wound home because of lackadaisical attitude of the staffs. If you don't know, bad mouthing a school spreads like fire than advertising. Academically= good; moral and discipline =0. So what's the essence of education without discipline and moral? You better change your pattern before they spread the bad news on the Internet.