Faith: Ten famous people who were born to win but trained to reign

Bible text: Eph 5:14-18, Luke 14:28

It is not the number of years you put in but the end glory the whole world sees that matters. No one likes to see the sweat, blood or tears behind a successful journey,or want to know of  the sacrifices celebrities and famous people had to face to achieve fame. Everyone has the same 24 hours to make a difference but only a  few at the top are those who make a conscious decision to sacrifice . They managed their time, resources and skills and became success stories.  Lets take a look at ten famous individuals who trained to rule their domains.
  1. Jesus: The master prepared for his three and half years ministry for thirty years, spent time in the temple learning, prayed and fasted in the wilderness,  till he was fully ready to manifest. 
  2. Usain Bolt: Trained for years to run a less than 10 seconds race. He is currently the fastest sprinter in the universe.
  3. Kim Kardasian: Now, you wonder why  Kim made this list, but she has meticulously  worked on an image and subconscious of many impressionable youths to think she is the definition of beauty. She moved in high circles, courted scandals, has been known to have undergo every beauty routine (natural or artificial) just to build the Kim Kardashian brand. She didn't achieve it in a day, neither did she enter a contest for the most beautiful woman in the world, but her face is easily recognizable and more famous than other women of similar body/facial structures. 
  4. Moses: He was a stammerer, forsake his royal beginnings, hid in the wilderness for years, lived among peasants till he was groomed and trained to lead millions of people out of Egypt to the promised land. 
  5. Christiano Ronaldo: Played for years with Portugal, reached quarter -finals, group stages and semi-final but he almost single handedly led his country to win the coveted winners  cup of the Euro 2016  football finals. 
  6. Hillary Clinton:  Suffered public humiliation by her Husband's adulterous affair that almost ended her political career, but she survived, became secretary of state and now the first female presidential candidate in United states. 
  7. Linda Ikeji: Nigerian's foremost blogger who became almost bankrupt but constantly blogged for 4 years without result but now rules the African blogosphere and boasts of millions in revenue. 
  8. Aliko Dangote: The richest  Nigerian  and serial entrepreneur didnt become an overnight success, he has been at business from a tender age, amassing portfolios, losing money , reinvesting and strategically working towards positioning himself to sit among kings and not mere men. The Dangote industries currently  employs thousands of Africans and foreigners all over the world today. 
  9. Oprah Winfrey: America's media mogul and international business woman, sexually abused at a tender age, she kept up learning, accepting every rejection as an incentive to continue to hone her journalism skills, her show, Oprah Winfrey show is one of the longest TV shows  spanning over 30 years. 
  10. Strive Masiyiwa: This Zimbabwean business man, many do not know, has been in business since 1976, though some know him as the founder of Econet ( a telecommunications group) and the man who testified against one of Nigeria's most corrupt individuals, James Ibori, but he is also one of the richest African business men , a leading investor in African business start ups and foremost thought leader. He built his brand and grew his business through many years of consistency, integrity and persistence. He never gave up when others have been discouraged due to failure, economic recession, debts or early retirement. He is the ideal role model For Christians seeking looking for direction in business or looking for ways to successfully combine their faith and their endeavors. He share his faith based advice on his facebook page , where you can follow him and read more. 

How to prepare to rule
"I was  Born to win , I was born to rule"
 Part of lyrics contained in Nigerian artist's Sinach song.

A christian has the mindset he /she is born to win and reign in Christ, though we are born to win but we must train to reign. How do we as Christians train to rule and become successful, role models and visionary leaders
  • Have a vision 
  • Write it down Habakkuk 2:2, Joshua 1:8
  • Walk and live carefully 
  • Redeem the time Eph 5: 15. Buy time if you must. Everyone has the same time allocation but it depends on how you use it. 
  • Have a goal to live for, it will give you a reason to wake up most mornings,
  • Learn how to mange time, resources and people. Ecc 9:11
  • Reigning doesn't happen to leaders happenstance, they trained for it,even kings. Those who stumble on leadership fail woefully. Gooduck Jonathan, Saul became leaders by circumstances but couldn't live up to the expectations of their followers.  
  • Avoid Distractions-women, phone, social media, friends, pictures,TV, games,  unproductive  behavioral patterns, (anger,gossip, rivalry, too much time spent on unnecessary activities).
  • Gain wisdom, add to your character. acquire knowledge  and develop in understanding. Continually increase and expand. Get better and improve yourself.
  • Dwell in the spirit: Not every way is a way, the holy spirit is the one that can open your eyes to see the true path you have been created to follow.
Finally ponder on this words
"The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine"- Mike Murdock
" Daily as I live, Often as I  breathe , let my whole life be an expression of your grace"- Chris Morgan
And this post by a former presidential aide ,  Reno Omokri,


It's not at all the quantity of several years anyone invest though the stop fame the whole world considers that will things. No person likes to understand the sweating, body as well as rips guiding an excellent voyage, as well as would like to know in the eschew stars along with famous people was required to deal with to realize recognition. Anyone contains the very same one day to generate a big difference nevertheless just one or two at the pinnacle are generally people that come up with a informed determination for you to lose.