Food of the day: Uziza and Egusi Catfish soup

Food is ready Come and Join me. Who Says Uziza can only be made with Achi. Anyways ,since the Achi serves as a thickener, I decided to substitute Egusi (grinded melon) for it.In less than 30 minutes food was prepared and served. To cook  Uziza and Egusi soup, follow this simple procedure.

Some of  the Ingredients used in making Uziza soup
Some of  the Ingredients used in making Uziza soup
Uziza  and Egusi Catfish soup
Uziza  and Egusi Catfish soup  with Mold of Fufu

Ingredients used in making Uziza soup:
1. Uziza leaves

2. Egusi paste
3. Cameroun peper or dried pepper.
4. Peppersoup spice
5. Water
6. Catfish
7. Ponmo (Skin hide)  cuts
8. Seasoning cubes
9. Salt
10. Palm oil : Just little to stir fry the onions
11. Onions slices.

1. Cut, slice or  diced all fresh ingredients.
2. Put pot on fire over low heat.
3. Pour little palm oil and allow to heat.
4. Add onions and Egusi to fry (The onions To add flavor to the soup, the Egusi serves as a thickening agent).
5. Add the Uziza leaves. Stir
6. Add all other seasoning and  pepersoup spice with salt to taste.
7. Put the cat fish cuts in the soup. Add some water, just enough to cook the fish. Cover the pt and allow the soup to cook for 15 minutes.
Food tip; Usually, I cook the cat fish in the soup and not pre boil, as catfish tends to soften easily. Longer cooking time will cause the catfish to soften and split into the soup. We do not want that, the catfish cuts must remain whole.
8. Once the fish is well cooked (Test with a knife) and the soup is  ready. Serve with a staple food of your choice. Cocoyam, Eba, Amala, Pounded Yam, Fufu are great choices. I ate mine with Amala.

The beautiful thing about this soup is it can be eaten with other food  or sipped alone as Peppersoup.

In the twinkling of an eye, my neighbor have finished he soup, no drop was leftover.

Enjoy your own cooking!

Food of the day: Uziza  and Egusi Catfish soup