Head tie Goals: 10 Times Gele slayer, Onigele put us in a wrap

The head tie gear, popularly called Gele in Nigeria is symbolic with a high fashion sense . A woman who ties the gele is said to have to successfully completed her attire. While many struggle to tie their hands, others are very adept at the skill. Check out these wonderful pictures of various degrees of gele styling done by the gele slayer, a man known as Onigele. These gele styles will leave you drooling and wishing you can tie gele with every outfit all day
Aso oke gele
1. Aso oke gele



4. +Dada Yemisi 




Gele Goals: 10 Time Gele slayer, Onigele makes us drool
8. @sisionigele

Turban gele
9. Turban  gele

native gele
10. Ankara gele
Even with local fabric, no gele is impossible
Gele is usually worn with fashion outfits  made from local fabrics . There are different types of gele, depending on the texture of the fabric, Damask, Singele,Aso oke,  Sego and Ankara gele. The  names given to geles are  dependent  on the styles of the gele, Ayaba, Rainbow, Turban, Wrap, Yoruba, Warri double gele, Facecap, rose gele e.t.c.

Who ties your gele?


Nedoux said…

These photographs are so beautiful. I always admire the well tied gele with multiple pleats in front.

The last time I wore a gele, a lady at the salon tied it for me. I'd love to learn how to do it myself. :-)
Thanks Nedoux. You can get to learn to tie gele either through watching online videos or getting trained by a professional.