How I made $2000 during my first month of arrival in USA

Ask me how I did it? Some years  ago , I left the shores of Nigeria with barely  $200 (Borrowed, of course), within one month , I had 500%  pure Profit. No initial  investments,not a bad deal considering, I lost the initial $200 within three days of my arrival.
How I made $2000 during my first month of arrival in USA

Probably because I knew I was on vacation, had just limited time to milk my whole stay and make every moment count. I didn't hesitate or wait for a job o find me or looked for the ideal job. I sought for and jumped into the very first opportunity that presented itself ;

1. A Photography gig with Baba Happyman photographer: No previous photography experience was needed, All I did was ensure I collected payments for pictures taken  and print them while the photographer can concentrate on taking pictures.At the end, the boss pays me a percentage commission depending on the day's sales.  At the rate of $5 For 5x7 Picture size and $10 For bigger sizes, we made close to $1500-$2000 on good days and $500 on very bad days. The picture seasons typically  starts on Thursdays and last till Sundays, covering two or more occasions each day every week.  Photography business is buoyant every season except winter as Parties, social occasions are infrequent during this period due to cold weather  and difficult roads. People are reluctant to leave the warmth and safety of their homes.
The photography business gingered me to blog more, though I had exclusive pictures of people and events , was reluctant to publish because I didnt feel good about putting up people's pictures without their consent, moreover news and gossip is not my style.  Unfortunately, took some pictures with some Nigerian celebrities, but cant seem to find any.
Total money made from this gig: $1000

2. I did some makeup/gele on the side: Nigerians in America are particular about style, fashion and beauty, they understand the needd to pay good money to look good and since most of the cant tie scarf, tying gele is a huge business oportunity. Makeup/Gele is charged $10-$50, depending on the complexity of gele design and cosmetics (Makeup artist or clients').
Total money made from this gig: $700

3. Hair weaving:  A strand of weave is about $5, Nigerians in America are more conscious of the natural hair movement, so they opt for weaves, braids than retouching or applying  relaxer to their hair, this was another source of income for me. Guess the years of hair practice on my younger sisters eventually paid off. Seriously, when growing up, if you have the opportunity to learn any skill,do not pass it up or hesitates, the knowledge might be a life saver in the future.
Total money made from this gig: $500

Other jobs I did for free:(Because those involved were my friends/relatives)
1. Child caring : For working moms
2. Companion to adults : To talk, gist and bag carrier during shopping trips.
3. Home minder
4. Jogging companion
5. Handy cook and Party Decorator

What I did with the money
1. Bought a Samsung S7 phone
2. Shopped for clothes, shoes, cosmetics and beauty products
3. Paid for a rescheduled flight
4. Splurged on Big Macdonald's treat and Ice cream
5. Took a tour of New York.
After the above deductions , still had $1, 500 extra that I promptly deposited in my Nigerian bank account. Little wonder everyone is rushing to go to Yankee.There is money to be made if only one knows how.

Other Jobs that pay well In United states
1. Nursing
2. Carpentry
3. Music artiste
4. Real estate (Buying houses and renting them out)
5. Car mechanic
6. Health care

The untold truths about getting jobs in United states
1. Nigerian university certificates are not at per with the American universities' certificates, to have a successful career, you either go for another round of schooling (Start afresh or do post graduate work), or enroll in short term educational courses. Medical/health, business, technical engineering, teaching and beauty related professions  are the highest  on demand jobs.
2. To find jobs in USA is not as easy as you might expect but while waiting for your dream job, engage in handwork. It will be simpler and faster to make money from selling a skill you posses, Hair dressing, sewing, drumming, music production, video editing, photography, graphic artist, tailoring, catering, child minding, bag making, shoe repairing, playing of musical instruments, makeup and gele tying, teaching, trade export are some of the viable and fast selling skills . So before you leave the home shores. Learn a handcraft.
3. The home truth about succeeding in USA as a first time visitor with or without no working permit is to utilize one's skills and turn them to profit.


Uba Babs said…
I think you are very lucky indeed because,i know it is not that very easy to make money in the USA,however,it is a kind of encouragement.