How To Add Audio Tracks To You tube Video Using VLC Media Player

You want to create your own video on YouTube, but you dont want the various free music provided by YouTube because they all sound monotonous. There's  a way around it. But first you need to add the audio to the video before you upload on Youtube.

Vlc media will be your best bet. To  add Audio Track to a video in VLC Media Player

  1. Open VLC Media Player
  2. At the top left hand corner, click on Media.
  3. Open Advanced open file
  4. Click on Add
  5. Browse and  add Video that you want to play
  6.  Then  at the bottom left hand corner, click on show more options
  7. Click on Play another media synchronously
  8. Click on Browse and  Add that Audio file which you want to play
  9. Click on Play
  10. Save to a play list.
Now you can easily upload the edited video that has  your own audio to Youtube. 
Note if the audio is longer than the video, choose the audio file first in step (5) and the video in  step (8), to avoid loss of audio.