How to become a sucessful entrepreneur : Interview on Ltv's Ise-Aje

Ltv hosts and I after the Interview
Ltv hosts and I after the Interview
At a recent Interview on Lagos weekend television, the host Bilikisu Bolarinwa asked me several questions on Entrepreneurship (Ise-Aje), as the interview was conducted in Yoruba, this post is a literal translation .

What is entrepreneurship (Ise-Aje)?

It is an act of creating goods, products services that can fill a need and getting financial rewards in return. It involves combining resources like time, money and labour to satisfy a need.

Who is an entrepreneur?
An entrepreneur is a visionary, an innovator who can see a need and take the lead to provide solution. He must be a good manager of resources,be creative  and ready to assume the risks of business.

Who can be an entrepreneur?
Any one, male, female, young or old. Anyone who can buy and selll (Onisowo), possesses much needed skills or crafts (Oniseowo), Market or trade (Ata oja) and business inclined (Onise aje).

What it takes to be an entrepreneur?
The person must be passionate, result -driven,competitive,  goal oriented and up to date about the trends happening in /her chosen business.

Is there any business gender based?

None. The era of having gender based businesses have long past. Men are  doing wonderfully well as  hair dressers, fashion stylists, makeup artists,also women are in the construction, real estate, sports, journalism business and succeeding.  The only difference is that while men have free reins on what they can do, a woman must seek permission from her husband , both of them must agree if she should be in that line of profession or not. As women have more responsibilities; Taking care of home, family and children, a woman whose business requires more of traveling will likely cut back on the long hours, or give it up altogether and seek for another line of profession.

You can watch the full  interview here.