15 Wedding diys ideas to personalize your weddings

Wedding diys add colour, creativity , ingenuity to a wedding  event. It also helps reduce cost of wedding planning especially if it is  a  budget wedding.  These are some easy wedding projects you can consider doing yourself to lien up your wedding party. 

1. Customized wooden name plates
Customized wooden name plates stenciled with the couple's initials
2. Colored fruits
Colored fruits
Colored pineapples with love tags makes great center pieces
3. Customised scents/Perfumes
Customised scents/Perfumes
Create your own unique scent with your favorite essences and have the wedding ushers  hand over to guests at the entrance.

4. Creative clothes hangars
Creative clothes hangars
The wire hanger can be twisted  into couple names
5. Scented petals 
Scented petals  

6. Sprayed mason jars
Sprayed mason jars
Paint jars with gold spray and use them as candle holders

7. Gift boxes
wedding Gift boxes 

8. Wedding Flower bouquets
wedding Flower bouquets
One can never go wrong with blue, pink and white
9. Wrapped cutlery
Wrapped cutlery 

10. Colored feathers as boutonnieres
Colored feathers as boutonnieres 

11. Icing Topped wedding cupcakes

 Icing Topped wedding cupcakes 

12. Chiavari chairs tagged with inventive place cards

Chiavari chairs tagged with inventive place cards

13. Painted/ Sprayed bottles as center pieces and flower vases
Painted/ Sprayed bottles as center pieces and flower vases
Even coke / soda bottles will do the trick

14. Designed fluted wine glass
Designed fluted wine glass
Drinking wine cups can be designed with a tie and bow for the groom and  a wedding dress for the bride

15. Frames 
wedding Frames
Frames with the couple pictures serving as place cards
Why you should consider personalizing  your wedding with Wedding diys crafts
1, If you want your wedding  to be unique and definitely stand out from other weddings.
2. You get to incorporate your favorite fabrics, colours, used items for the wedding diys.
3. You get to explore and practice your creative side. A bride derives joy, pleasure and satisfaction from making some of her wedding items especially if she gets help. You can enlist the help of friends, family members, colleagues, brides maids even the groom in creating the wedding diy projects. 
4. The wedding diys helps to  conserve resources and prevent wastage,therefore prevents unnecessary spending .
5. Wedding diys can be used for  multipurposes, they are great for wedding decorations,table centerpieces, as wedding souvenirs and packages, edible treats and sweets foe wedding guests, wedding presents for the couple. 

All these wedding projects are simple ones really, it only require a bit of resourcefulness and planning. You should only consider embarking on Wedding diys if you have enough time, at least two months before the wedding and you have enough practice. Wedding projects can be overwhelming at times especially if you are indecisive, pressed for time or have no idea where to start.   

Do you need help with the wedding diy projects, send me an email at typearls@gmail.com or check wedding inspirations for more wedding ideas.