How to wash an earth station satellite dish (15 Steps)

A satellite dish is an important component of the satellite communication process, it acts as the antenna that receives and transmits signals. To reduce signal degradation or loss of signals, a satellite dish must be properly maintained by frequent washing, at least once or twice a year. During rainy seasons, attenuation affects the signal communication, so a clean satellite dish surface will enhance signal productivity.
How to wash an earth station satellite dish (15 Steps)
A satellite dish
How to wash an earth station satellite dish (15 Steps)

To wash a satellite dish requires few steps, within 30 minutes to an hour, the washing is done and the antenna becomes renewed.
This video below shows you the satellite dish washing process carried out recently in a Nigerian satellite earth station. 

Steps involved in washing a satellite dish

1. Inform the end users of satellite communications of the maintenance procedure, give details of the time and duration the process will take, if possible provide alternative measures for work flow to continue.

2. Get your team members together.

3. Have all the washing tools in handy (Mops, buckets, foam, towels, liquid soap,celotape, ladder and water). An all purpose cleaner is ideal to thoroughly wash dirty portions and kill off alagae.

4. Proceed to the satellite dish location; don’t forget to have ids and tags for security clearance.

5. Switch off the power supply , Sspa, Down converter to reduce the harmful effect of radiation . Signal cannot be transmitted or received while the washing is going on.

6. Wear your protective clothing (Reflective jackets, gloves, boots and insect repellent, anti radiation clothing). A wet dish tends to be slippery, so you can go barefooted or wear boots that have much traction, footwear with spikes, heels or slippers can lead to harmful accidents.

7. Get down to business of the day. Segment the dish to sections; let each team member tackle a section with help from anoher officer to act as his assistant. Gently put foam or soft towels in soapy water and mop off dirt and dust, use a dry mop to clean up the previous washed areas. Dry immediately, leaving an area wet after washing will cause the dirt to dry again and becomes more difficult to clean. Use ladders to reach the top most areas of the dish.

8. D o not use, sponge, abrasive materials, bleaching agents on the surface on the dish, it can wear off the reflective surface and hinder signal reception.

9. Pay attention to the Radon, cover with net and Teflon tape to prevent birds, wasps, termites , moisture from entering it, thereby disrupting flow of signal. Make sure the water outlets on the dish/ radon are not blocked.

10. At every point, be watchful, safety conscious and look out for other team members.

11. Once you are done, climb down carefully, seal up the satellite dish; return all equipments, latches to their original position.

12. Wash off the grime, dirt and dust.

13. Switch on the power supply, Sspa, Down converter, Wait few minutes and inform your end users once they are back online.

14. Schedule maintenance within 6 months.

15. Enjoy every moment.