Lifestyle!10 Categories of Nigerians who visit Shoprite

1. The onlookers: They include the strollers, window shoppers, shop gazers, inveterate pricers who end up buying nothing, scoopers (They scoop out the terrain, studying the others who are actually them to buy or enjoy themselves). The onlookers are only forced to spend money  when a stiff store security man walks up to them and informs " Sorry, Customers only" , So they reluctantly buy a stick of ice cream or Mr Biggs's meat pie just to keep their seats and watch the whole rush of people pass by them.

10  Categories of Nigerians who visit Shoprite
10  Categories of Nigerians who visit Shoprite

2. The serious buyers: They are the ones who really  have a claim to Shoprite, there are the average spenders, the excessive shoppers and over spenders. The ones who calmly walk into the store, buy the items they need, pay for them and continue on their way. There are others who buy every and anything in their path, buy different brands of wines just because they can afford it , not necessarily because they know the difference. The die hard Shoprite shoppers swear by everything Shoprite, one will wonder how these Nigerians have been coping and buying items before the advent of the huge shopping mall.

3. The pleasure seekers: While others come to shop rite to buy grocery items, others see Shoprite as vacation and relaxation spot. Truly there are movie cinemas, arcade centers , club houses, bars and children playgrounds that offer pleasure activities for mall visitors. This is the reason why on festive days like Ramadan holidays, Christmas or children's day , the mall typically overflows with crowd. Whole families turn out at Shoprite on holidays and weekends.While parents shop, the children are bribed with food and drinks or arcade games.

4. The curious cats: When a new shop rite store opens, the inquisitive ones are the first to visit, they   are there to find out what the whole noise about Shoprite is all about , if it  lives up to hype and publicity. Most of them wont be back after their first, second visit going back to their usual neighborhood stores. Few visit again to when a new store opens in the mall.

5. The storytellers: Bloggers, journalists visit Shoprite sometimes to catch glimpses of celebrities, society happenings, study shoppers activities  to  get the details for their next juicy gossip or news. Amateur story tellers like those who upload pictures of their recent visit to Shoprite to  their Facebook and Instagram pages  accompanied with description.
Recently, I had a trip to Shoprite, saw  Ik Ogbonna and his wife Sonia Morales, many really ripped over themselves to have shots of the lovely couple, few gained the courage to ask them for a pose which they obliged, while others continued to pass and walk on like they meet celebrities every day of their lives which I guess is just good , so the celebrities can also have normal lives without getting trampled on anytime they venture out to have a day of normal activity. While leaving, I overheard a passerby's comment about Ik and his wife , the lady said " I neva see Oyinbo wey fine like dat before , most of them are not fine, that naija guy must be lucky" I guess he is. 

6. Picture posers: These are the notorious ones , you can find them posing everywhere, sitting on a bench,  while climbing the escalator, at the Atm machine, ice cream stands, Car parks, there are some that can make a cone of ice cream last 1 hour without melting just to have a perfect picture pose.
Cars parked in Shoprite
Cars parked in Shoprite
7. The riff raffs: They include the beggars, touts, hanger ons, idlers, pick pockets and those seeking easy means of ripping off an unlucky or sympathetic shopper .

8. The romance seekers : They include the babes finders, boyfriend seekers, one night stands, stranded out of town guests looking for Prince charming who can provide warmth and shelter. Even  a marriage consultant once mentioned, Shoprite is one of the likeliest places to meet marriageable men.

9. The business opportunists: These are the flier sharers, taxi drivers, cab operators, balloons and toy sellers and the entrepreneurs who set up meetings with their potential clients /staff at the mall. The mall is an ideal alternative to expensive restaurants, hotels, meeting points, all they need is to find seats and order for food. The total cost is less than the price of a conventional meeting venue.

10. The show offs: These are the ones who want everyone to know they have been to shop rite, they buy a pack of chewing gum and request for 2 packaging nylons .Some make calls while shopping to inform friends and partners loudly " I am in shop rite, I will call you back" , as if the voices in Shoprite is different from the ones in Palms mall or corner shop. How should the friend guess?

Well there used to be The Parkers: Those who just park their cars at the Shoprite parking garage for lack of parking space and go away to conduct their business, some even leave their cars days on end, travel and come back to them. But that is no longer the case since the parking permits have been introduced. A typical hour at the Shoprite's parking lot costs about N100 per hour, no sensible person will part with thousands of Naira just to park a car without having any business to do in Shoprite.

 Shop rite shopping centers are usually housed in various huge malls like the Ikeja shopping mall, Maryland shopping mall, Dugbe Shopping mall, Lekki shopping mall, but as shoprite is the most famous store, most of the malls are wrongly referred to as Shoprite.