List of Tools and materials needed to get started in the Ankara crafts business

To get started in  the Ankara crafts industry  requires you to have the following tools and materials to produce quality Ankara bags, Ankara shoes and slippers, Ankara accessories or Ankara patched fabrics.
Ankara clutch and notebooks
Purses  and notebooks made from Ankara fabric

A. Tools needed for Ankara crafts business
  1. Sewing machine
  2. Shoe grinder-To file and smoothen all rough edges
  3. Needles (Different sizes)
  4. Threads (Various colours)
  5. Candle gun 
  6. Eyelet punch
  7. Awls (Various sizes)- For making holes
  8. Flat surface table- A Formica top table is an ideal choice.
  9. Sketching pad and pencils - For drawing patterns and sketching designs.
  10. Cutters- Straight cutter, rotary cutter.
  11. Measuring tools- Ruler, steel rule, tape rule.
  12. Scissors: Tip- Use different scissors to cut different materials of varying thickness. That is do not the  same scissors to cut paper  and fabric, it makes the scissors blunt faster . 

B. Materials 
1. Shoe gum- Super bond
2. Fabric glue- Uhu, E600, Top bond (white)
3. Eyelets
4. Decorative materials- To add color and glamour to the Ankara crafts. Ribbons, lace trimmings, stones, beads.
5. Household items and fashion ;  Umbrella , lamp shade, and Fan skeletons, photo frames
6. Books
7. Thick paper boards; Kari board, cardboard, Chip board (You can substitute by using empty cereal boxes).
8. Maco -Soft and hard maco. (For shoe soles , shoe fillers and inlet)
9. Foam (Different inch sizes depending on the purpose)
10. Candle wax
11. Shoe lasts in various sizes- For shoe moulding and fitting.
12. Fabrics: Ankara fabrics or African prints.
13. Jewellery accessories- Earring hooks, chain clasps, bracelets,Rings
14. Felt
15. Fabric  Lining

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