#Save Mayowa! Ovarian Cancer what it is and not

Everyone knows the story of Mayowa Ahmed, but few know the type of sickness she is suffering from, Ovarian cancer. Read this article to enlighten yourself on the causes, symptoms and prevention of this type of cancer.

#Save Mayowa! Ovarian Cancer what it is and not Ovarian cancer- What is it?

How to improve your chances on avoiding Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer- What is it?
This is a tumor affecting the cells of the ovary spreading to other lining of the abdomen

Who is at risk
All women, though some are at higher risk than others

Risk factors
Personal or family  history of  cancer types- breast cancer, abdominal cancer
Obese women
Older women who are at a post menopausal stage
Women  who are yet to have a child, barren or on fertility drugs

If you are at a risk, please go for a thorough medical checkup/examination.

No certain facts have been given on what causes this type of Cancer, it can be as a result of the spread of another cancer in the body as a result of associated risks.

Bloating or excessive weight loss
frequent urination
Pains- During sex, back pain, abdominal pain, pelvic pain
Menstrual cycle disorder
Inability to eat or keep food down
Constant fatigue and tiredness

stage 1- Cancer is confined to one or two ovaries
Stage 2- cancer has spread to other reproductive organs, Fallopian tubes, uterus
Stage 3- Cancer has spread to other stomach lining, lymph nodes this is the stage that is usually diagnosed and detected
Stage 4- Cancer has spread to other vital organs beyond the abdomen .

What it is not

Ulcer is not ovarian cancer
Pap tests does not detect Ovarian cancer

Pelvic Screening and examination
Transvaginal sonography
Ca-125 test- A type of blood test

Prevention (How to improve your chances on avoiding Ovarian cancer)

  1. Oral contraception- Women who take birth control pills are at lesser risk, though this may also increases their chances of having breast cancer.
  2. Pregnancy and breastfeeding 
  3. Having children at a younger age
  4. Surgery- Tubal litigation done on women who are likely to have it

Early detection help save lives
Good health management.
Constant care and support
Home treatment

Together lets KICK OUT CANCER.
Pray for Mayowa