Scared of increased Yam prices? Try these 5 Great food substitutes to Yam + 5 Yam dishes you will love

The current market prices for yams have considerably gone up even with the sale of new yams. . No wonder Yam is referred to as the "King's food", because only a select few can 
On a recent trip to the market (just last weekend), this is Yam price list by Abokis in Ogba and Ikeja market.
2 new yams- 4200
2 old yams- 3500
I new yam -1800
1 old yam- 1300.
Scared of increased Yam prices?  Try these 5 Great food substitutes to Yam + 5 Yam dishes you will love

If you are in a fix and yam hungry, these five food substitutes and tubers are also tasty options that can easily be substituted for yam, they also provide the necessary carbs and calories for better nutrition:

1. Potatoes: Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes can be used instead of yams in egg dishes, instead of fried yam, you have Fried potato chips and eggs or boiled potatoes and eggs. 
2. Coco yam: This can be substituted for yam in peppersoup dishes. There can be cocoyam peppersoup or Ukodo (  a Yam peppersoup dish popular among Urhobos in Delta state,  south south . Nigeria).
3. Pounded yam flour:  Nigerians have long embraced the pounded yam flour or poundo yam as it is fondly called, asides the fact it involves less coking  time and ease of preparation, there is no much difference in pounded yam made from flour or that made from boiled yams.Though die hard pounded yam eaters (Ijeshas and Ekitis) swear there is. 
4. Water yam: This is widely used in making Ojojo (Fried yam balls), but can also be cooked with stew dishes.
5. Cassava:  Ideal for chips

5 Yam dishes you will love:
1. Boiled yam and fish stew
2. Pounded yam and Egusi soup
3. Yam chips  and scrambled eggs
4. Yam peppersoup.
5. Yam balls

Food Tip: To recognize the difference between old yam and new yam, the old yam appears drier and has less water content.

There is another Bere Fruit in Yoruba land used to make Pounded yam, I ate it while i was much younger but cant recall the English name. Remind me if you do remember.