The art of Food plating! Learn from these 12 amazing Nigerian Food creators

Forget Iya Basirah, Mama Putt, even Mr Biggs, Yes I said it! They have nothing on these Nigerian food stylists.
 The art of Food plating! Learn from these 12 amazing Nigerian Food creators
Food art by Art of plating

What is food plating?
Food plating is the art of arranging food pieces to be visually appealing to the eye.Creative  Food plating like good fashion styling adds beauty and style to the main content.

Why attractive food presentation is necessary
Images are such powerful tools to arouse emotions, it is no longer true that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, it is actually through his eyes, as a good impression lasts longer.

Now if you want a husband, client, guest, child  to  accept and eat your food , also to get good recommendations, the food must be well presented and made appealing to the eyes. A good presentation will arouse the brain cells which will in turn activate the taste buds and make the tongue salivates in anticipation of the food, Hungry or not.
Also to become established as an expert food blogger, food photographer, food stylist or food creator, then you must understand the techniques of food plating.

 "When you see a well plated food, you cant be so hard hearted as to not to taste it"

To make a successful food presentation, the ten most important components are:
1. Colours
2. Flavors
3. Garnishes
4. Lighting
5. The main dish and support
6. Background/ Props
7. Focal point
8. Decoration
9. Picture quality
10. Texture

Food presentation Tips/tools effective for  food plating:
1.  Small sizes: Small food quantities are easier to manage and choreographed to achieve a good picture.
2. Practice makes perfect: Don't give yourself knocks if the food style you are trying o achieve doesn't go the way you want, continue to try differnt styles till you become a pro and achieve deired results. Do not waste good food, even a mess can be turned to your advantage. Crumbs, splashes makes your food look real and viewers can easily connect with your pictures.
3. A mix of different ideas work best: Try difffernt angles, food mixes (liquids, vapors and solids). Take a look around you and try out new ideas.
4. Invest in a good camera (Phone and digital canera), Samsung, Nikon and Canon has been  said to work best for food photography. The difference between an amateur and a pro can be easily noticed in the final picture. Also get a good editing software, though with the right lighting, food setting, less editing will be needed.
 Invest in a good camera
5. Visualize the end from the beginning: Understand the food recipe, tools and ingredients you want to work with, create a framework.  Know what you are trying to achieve; a Nigerian dish, continental meal, a mix of Asian, chinese, indian dishes. Create dishes that are inspiring , prompt questions and leave viewers "whooing" and "aahing" over the food.
6. Have a supply of sauces, food ingredients, herbs, garnishes, spices at hand , so you are never left without a backup or an alternative choice.
7. Buy the necessary  food moulding tools, cutters, kitchen equipment  . To create spirals, twists, rolled food,dices, square cuts and other  various food shapes,you need to use the right tool for the right purpose. Invest in pipettes, brushes, cutters and cooking rings.
8. Plan your meal well ahead  to achieve balance. Embrace the mood, be creative and spontaneous. Give your artistic side free rein.
9. Take loads of pictures  from the setup,during  preparation, food plating and final  presentation. Though you take lots of pictures, only one or two may be eventually up to par with the standard you want, however other pictures can be used in making a slide show or video.
10. Learn from the sucessful food plating experts.

These food masters will inspire and motivate you as you get ready to start or improve on your food plating techniques. Learn from them . Be inventive, create your unique recipes and food plating style.

1. Dooney's Kitchen By Dunni Obata
Dooney's Kitchen By Dunni Obata

2. Matse cooks
Matse cooks

3. Haneefah Adams
 Haneefah Adams

4. Taste of Nigeria By Funke Koleosho
Taste of Nigeria By Funke Koleosho

5. Phummydeps By Funmi
Phummydeps By Funmi

6. Bites by Renny
Bites by Renny

7. Sisi Jemimah
Sisi Jemimah

8. Chef Fregz  By Gbubemi Fregene
Chef Fregz  By Gbubemi Fregene

9. Foodace

10. Themlz Kitchen
Themlz Kitchen

11. 9jafoodie By Ronke
9jafoodie By Ronke

12. Habbiescookbook By Lara Balogun
Habbiescookbook By Lara Balogun

What do we learn form these amazing food creators.
1. Less is more
2. Nigeria has a rich food culture just awaiting the right people to explore, reinvent and popularize it.
3. The key to eating healthy is knowing what and what ingredients goes into each food preparation and how much is enough.
4. Food styling can be a successful venture, many of them are caterers, contributors to TV shows, magazines and food resource persons at lifestyle events.
5. Being a good cook is not an innate skill. It requires constant practice, willingness to learn  and perseverance,

Other useful resources you can read  on how to get started in the food plating
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Food plating , food styling, food presentation have been used interchangeably in this post.
Food blogger, food designer, food creator, have been used interchangeably in this post.
Pictures credit: Instagram