Watch TV Online without Cable using the Internet TV box

Internet Tv box
The Internet Tv box allows user to watch their favorite Tv programs without need to make cable payments. 
PrioryTech, an emerging Technology has introduced the  internet TV box, IPTV (internet protocol television). It's an innovative multimedia center with an android based operating system that allows you to play and view content without paying for cable or any monthly subscriptions. 

A plug into an HDMI port makes it accessible to a whole world of live TV, TV shows, sporting events, photos, music and more.
It specifically works via a wifi- (Smile, IPNX, Spectranet, Cobranet).

Benefits of the Internet Tv box:

Skype chatting,Picasa,Youtube,Flicker,Facebook,Online movies,etc 
Other features include :  Free Internet searching,thousands of android applications,many kinds of games,etc.

For more details:

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