You tube video editor is the best free online video tool! Trim, cut and add effects to videos

YouTube video editing tool beats all other online video editing tools, Believe me,  I have tried all,Stupeflix, we video, movie maker, freevideomaker, Magisto, Loopster and a host of others.
In this my video above, I use the YouTube video editor, am not there yet, but it is better than what it was on camera. 

Why Youtube video editor?

1. You can create new videos, cut, trim, snip, reduce or increase volume on previous videos, change filters and customize your video with other video editing effects available.
2. No pre registration, though you need to have a google account, but no sign up /log in required or accessing your social media accounts (Facebook).
3. It is absolutely free, no sign up fees required.
4. You can add text, subtitles and other additional edits.
5. Publish video only after you are done with all editing.
6. You tube videos can be monetized, the more views your video gets, the better your chances of earning money.
7. No technology or high expertise required. The more practice you get, the better the quality of videos yo can produce.  Continue to keep at it till you are satisfied with the video output.
8. The edited video can be previewed side by side with the original video to observe the changes made.

How to create new video
1. Upload your video
2. Edit the video using the video editing tool and save as draft.
3. Make all other necessary changes, monetise, add audio e.t.c.
4. You can download and make additional changes.Skip the step and go to (5), if no further changes.
For more flexibility, combining videos and pictures to create a movie,converting text to speech. Stupeflix is the ideal tool.
To mute or remove sound completely from video, Use Vlc.
How to mute audio in Vlc
5. Upload the edited video , add title , description , tags and publish.

For help and getting started, visit the You tube help center


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