Bead Diy 18 : Prawn cracker Design by YeyeOba

The previous posts of bead tutorials have enjoyed so much publicity, I almost feel reluctant to stop, though there are other projects that competes with my time.
Fortunately, a renowned Nigerian bead designer, Yeyeoba has decided  to also contribute her bead craft knowledge starting with the Prawn cracker bead design. We are so fortunate to have her contribute, so expect her bead diys once a week.
prawn cracker bead design
Beads By Belissimo beads
Yeye Oba
Yeye Oba, beautiul woman with a large heart

In the past beads were reserved exclusively for the royal families and traditional rulers, they were specially designed and produced by skilled craftsmen for the selected few. Luckily for us today, it has become a way of life for many individuals irrespective of tribe, race, color , religion or personal beliefs. In the African society,  the love for bead is overwhelming especially with Nigerian women.  For a woman who wants to stand out at any social occasion such as weddings or society parties, no outfit is complete without beads to accessorize or adorn her look.

Beads come in different shapes, sizes, and material , its importance or symbol is what you can make out of them  as a designer or as one who treasures their beauty.Yeye Oba kraftworld  has decided to bring the craft of bead making closer to people to see and appreciate the work , power , beauty and techniques behind beautiful bead designs.

Now to Business of the day, We shall be working on the Prawn cracker bead design, so called because of its shape resemblance to a prawn.

Materials needed:
Sand bead (sb) size 2
Crystal bead (cb) Size 8
Fishing line (0.25mm or 0.30 mm)
Beading needle


  1. Cut your desired length of fishing line.
  2. Add 5 sb to your fishing line and drag to the middle 
  3. Interlock both sides with a cb
  4. Add 4 sb to the fishing line by your right, cross with one sb.
  5. Pass the fishing line to your left into the next sb. 
  6. Add 2 sb to the right fl and interlock with one sb.
  7. Repeat the  step 5 and 6 continuously  till you get the desired prawn cracker shape  shape.
  8. Make as many prawn cracker  circles as you want to form the entire neck piece.

Watch this space for more advanced bead designs

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  2.  Spectacular. 
  3. Round Cellini.
  4. Flat Cellini.
  5. Coat of arm
  6. 5 star coat of arm. 
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  8. Prawn crackers.
  9. V shape pharaoh.
  10. Pipe pharaoh
  11.  Star collar.
  12. Black collar. 
  13.  Star peyote. 
  14.  Love shape with right angular weaving. 
  15. Flatron.
  16. Twisted spiral
  17. V connect
  18. Leaf. 
  19.  Chevron with brooch. 
  20. Carpet or mat
  21. Tulip.

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