Bead Diy 19: Beaded tie design

Here is How to make a Tie bead

Bead Diy 19: Beaded tie design
Teddy also wears the bead tie

Materials needed

Monofilament wire or fishing line (0.5mm)


Size 5 faux pearl bead or crystal beads


Part A

Circle making

Step 1: Cut a reasonable length of MF(FL) and fold into two equal parts . Insert 5 beads and cross with one bead.

Step 2: Insert 2 beads on your right fl and 2 on ur left fl. Cross with one. This gives you 2 circles of 6 beads. Now continue step 2 till you have 28 circles.


To turn at the 28th circle, insert 4 beads on your right FL and cross with one bead . So the crossing will be to the left side. If your crossing is to be to the right, insert 4 beads to your right fl and cross with one bead. But now, your crossing is to the left side, lets go on to step 3.

Step 3: Put your left Fl into the next bead on your left (ie from the 27th circle) then on your right Fl,insert 3 beads and cross with one. Continue the same process till you reach the 28th circle (i.e the initial first circle you started with).

Repeat this process one more time (step 3). Now do the same to the other side twice. So you should have a total of 5 rows.

Part B

Neck making

On a fresh long Fl, Make ur normal row 8 times and keep turning till you reach the 7th Row. (Ie 8 rows lohg and 7 rows wide.


Step 4. Lay the neck part (B) over the initial part (A) made at the second row, ensure they lap on each other. Now with your Fl and a middle, loop them togeda as you wish. You can just sew them at all angles neatly with a fl. Once connected to your satisfaction, bring your Fl out through the corner beads at the botom of A and pull tight.

Tip: You can make a zigzag weaving with the fishing line before pulling it tight to make it more taut.

Bring your FL out of the corner lower bead,string on it 1/2 (depends on what works for u) then pass the Fl into the opposite corner bead. Now find your way to the next corner bead above the one we just concluded.string 2 /3 beads and pass it into the opposite corner bead. Continue this till you reach the 2nd to the last corner bead above and keep adding one bead. Tie your fl and cut. Connect a new FL to the topmost corner bead,then insert the next number of beads from your initial counting, then pass the other end of the fl out of the opposite corner bead and string 35 o 40 on both sides of your Fl depending on what length to prefer. Then add your hook to both sides.

C'est fini

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