Decor diy :Interior home Decor ideas from 5 Nigerian celebrities (Linda Ikeji, E money, Ay Makun, Kcee, Psquare, Timaya)

"A man's heart is where his home is"

This cliche might be old, but it sounds true, because once you take a look at  the interior of these celebrities homes, you need not wonder why their hearts clings to their homes.
Lets take a look at the interior designs of these  celebrities (Linda Ikeji, Kunle Afolayan, Ay Makun, Kcee, Psquare, Timaya)) beautiful houses and get some Decor Inspirations which might be helpful in making good  choices when decorating either our homes or clients' or simply buying knick knacks that fits our personality.
View more pictures of the celebrities homes :

Ay's reception
Ay's reception

Ay's Dining room
Ay's Dining room

Kcee living room
Kcee living room 
Linda's kitchen
Linda's kitchen

Linda's sitting room
Linda's sitting room

psquare 's bathroom
psquare 's bathroom

Timaya personal space
Timaya's  personal space
Timaya's bedroom
Timaya's bedroom

5 factors that  Influence the celebrities's  design choices
1. Personalities; An Individual will want to surround him/her self with he/she holds dear , the home decor of these popular Nigerians are a reflection of their style and taste.  One can deduce, those who are extroverts and introverts. Those who create fantasies and live them and those who  gave freedom to their thoughts and took  the liberty of expressing them in the designs of their homes.   Thankfully, there are no eccentrics in this group, you know, those people who paint their homes off color with grotesque images and stuff their rooms with absurd objects.  

2. Money: Fortunately, the design of the interior of a house is not limited to the environment in which it is built, so a house in Ikeja might have a more tastefully designed interior than that of a banana Island. But money play a major influence, If one wants Arabian rugs, Oriental vases, German tiles, Turkish carpets, Rare African Arts, exquisite finish, strong bullet proof doors, Venetian glass, Italian furniture, then one must have the finances to fund acquire them.  Am sure each person designed his/her home as much as their budget allowed.  Beauty has her own price. 

3.  Art appreciation and Love of beauty: These famous people love to be surrounded by objects of beauty .

4. Favorite colors: Colours are good indicators of people's personalities, while some people  including me  believe that an all white decor reeks too much of ostentatious beauty, boring, staid and has no life, others think it is professional, indicates purity and is an all round color. Not that I am averse  to  white colors, but they must be mixed with matching colors. Say for example, a Sitting room is painted white, then the table, throw pillows, rug should be of another color, not all white. 
There are individuals who have affection for light colors like peach, lilac,olive, yellow, these are warm , loving personalities. Others love dark, bold colors like grey, black, green, blue, red an indication of strong personalities. But while choosing colors,consider all the people that will be leaving in the house especially the husband and wife, and find a common ground.
I heard the tale of a woman who ordered a painter employed by  her husband to strip off the paint of a newly painted house and repaint it just because the shade o the color does not match the one chosen by her. To avoid confusion, test all paints before applying, emulsions, gloss , water-based, alcohol -based paints , though in the same color tone may give different results when applied. 

5 .Theme: Fantasy, country, arty, classic are some of the themes  that determines parts or all of the interior design of a home.

5 Rooms in the home that require special attention  when decorating
So when decorating the house interior, special attention must be paid to the following rooms

1. Sititng /living/ Reception room: This is the image maker of your  type of person or  businss and it reflects your values, taste and style. It must be kept neat at  all times  and free of clutter. A good impression of your sitting room can gain you new frineds or clints.

2. Bathrooms and toilets : Bathrooms are one of the overlooked rooms yet so important, they provide a safe retreat for  those seeking refuge in the house. Children usually take advantage of this room, some lock themselves up in the bathrooms with shout of " I am coming, am in the bathroom"  Whenever their parents call or knock, most times they are busy doing nothing, just hiding . A luxurious bathroom is sure to make life sweeter and enjoyable for those who appreciate the good things of life. A Jacuzzi or nice bath tub does not hurt too, it aids in great bath/shower sessions and body relaxation. Infact one can turn a bathroom to a reading center or prayer war room if that is the only place  where there is peaceful silence.
3. Kitchen/ Dining area: This is the room where memories are created, whenever I think of my family, The usual place I picture them is the Kitchen. Growing up, the first point of call for anyone just arriving home including Dad,  is the kitchen to check what's cooking or what food is available to eat. The kitchen or dining is the central point of the house,it is more than where food is prepared or eaten, or mummy's office,  it is the gathering place, entertainment center where  truces are made, prayers are  uttered,  conflicts are laid aside and the whole family unites. The kitchen /dining room must be visually appealing and large with alternate exit points. Safety syytems, fire/smoke alrams must also be installed.An adjoining room can be attached to serve as a storage room. 
Fact is, when I have my own kitchen , it will be the largest room second to the bedroom  for future expansion and  upgrade of facilities.

4. Library/ Den/Office: Every house should have one room that can be use as a library , den or mini office for study and work purposes.  For housewives, it can be converted to a sewing room or craft arena, for others it can be used as a studio, recording area, or viewing room ( movies , medals, awards, arts or trophies collection).  There should be adequate light in this room to make it serve the purpose better. Equipment , books, electronics facilities can be installed for the purpose of this room. I will advice you get wall paintings, framed inspirational quotes or crafts to hang on the wall to inspire and enhance your mood.

5. Bedroom: This , in my own opinion, I consider  to be the important room, whether the room is for adults, children, home owner or guests. It represents the comfort and security of your home.  The bedroom's space should be fully utilised to make you relax or create a place for the children to do their  homework, play and sleep conveniently. 
The bedroom must be cozy, stylish and practical. 

Just  before you start decorating, you should consider the following highlights  and make the right choices to  enhance the beauty of your home. 

  • Walls 
  • Shapes
  • Window blinds
  • Bedsheets
  • Painting
  • Lighting
  • Tiles
  • Rugs
  • Space
  • Accessories
  • Finishes
  • Colors
  • Fabrics
  • Furniture
  • Crafts

To successfully embark on  designing or redesigning the interior of your home or , you can either employ a professional interior designer or employ artisans and direct the project yourself, but the latter option must be chosen when you are sure you know what you are doing. Not that you base your expertise on numerous pictures viewed and perusal of catalogues, thereby concluding you are now an expert, especially if you are the indecisive type that changes his/her mind with each picture seen. 
 An interior designer must have the end in mind and have a clear idea of what he / she is trying to achieve . For a new home, work closely with an architect/builder to determine the structure, functionality of space and environmental need.

So we have stablisged that the right interior dseign can
1. Increase your efficiency
2. Make your home more welcoming to guests.
3. Serve as mood enhancers
4. Strike balance and have a  calming efect
5. Nurture relationships and bring more closeness. 

Next on Decor Diy: Office decorating and space management ideas.

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Considering one has an amazing  home with beautiul interior , what else will keep one outside?


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