Drink diy: Homemade infused water for weight loss and skin rejuvention

Drink diy: Homemade infused water for weight loss and skin rejuvention
Are you trying to skip on carbonated drinks and sodas you have been addicted to and looking for a naturally   flavored drink but with more water content? Try Infused Water!

Infused water is simply soaking pieces of fruits/leaves/herbs/spices  in water. To prepare ,follow the steps outlined below.

1. In a bottle or mason jar, add some distilled water.

2.  Add any of the following: 
  • Slices  of  fruits:  Orange, cucumber, banana, lemon, watermelon, lime or dry fruit( raisins) , orange rinds and lemon peels can also be added.Slices  of  fruits
  •  Fresh leaves : mint leaves, lemon grass leaves, bitter leaves.
  • Spices :  ginger, garlic cloves 
  • Tea: Green tea, raspberry, 
3. Leave for some minutes for the  leaves, spices to get absorbed in water and all nutrients fully extracted.
4. Chill and drink.
1. Use 2-4 ingredients at a time, too much and he drink becomes bitter, cluttered and prone to lose taste faster.
2. Add honey or unsweetened sugar to add more sweetness, though it is preferable to drink the infused water in its natural state. 
3. Add some flavoring (vanilla, strawberry), for a nicer scent. 
To help in your weightloss journey, live a healthier life and improve on skin, here is  list of drinks to avoid.

1. Avoid carbonated and fizzy drinks (also called soft drinks) no matter what the ingredients in it are.
2. Avoid power drinks
3. Avoid drinks with refined sugar and colourants.
4. Avoid artificially flavoured water
5. Avoid diet drinks
7. Avoid syrups
8. Avoid instant satchet powder drinks
9. Always look through the list of ingredients. Any ingredient that is unknown, suspicious looking is an indication the drink is not so natural after all, avoid it.

Benefits of infused water: The benefits are numerous, hear are a few;
Infused water made with  slices of Cucumber and lemon
Infused water made with  slices of Cucumber and lemon
1. Healthy skin 
2. Improved facial looks
3. Perfect complement to a healthy diet
4. Packaged in bottles, they can be drunk all day long to counteract cravings for food, sodas and other addictions.
5. Instant power booster and hunger satisfier.
6. Aids in weight loss.
7.All the nutrients necessary for a body's daily function packaged in a bottle. 
8. Acts as anti-aging.

Prepare bottles of infused water to take along with you wherever you go, home, school, office, on the field, gym, shops, begin  to sensitize and condition your psyche to start loving water. Even your  family members and friends  will begin to enjoy drinking   your naturally  flavored water,once you introduce them to it. 
Just Get creative with this, who knows you can create your own signature infused water, Package and sell.
Infused water taken  with breakfast
Infused water taken  with breakfast