Lessons from JCI Ikeja's 2016 Quality leadership values (QLV) seminar

Lessons from JCI Ikeja's 2016 Quality leadership values seminar 

On Sunday, 14th August 2016, youths of all ages and Nigeria's active citizens gathered at the Renaissance hotels, Ikeja to listen to thought provoking discussions  on national issues and leadership values. In attendance were foremost  Nigerians who have excelled in politics, social entrepreneurship, business, Agriculture  and media including representatives of Nta News, Ltv news, Typearls lifestyle, Lagos Business school, local JCI  chapters and  Tertiary students.  It was a day of interaction, learning and enlightenment hosted by the Ikeja local chapter of the Nigerian Junior Chamber International. 

Guests speakers that spoke at the event included:
Yemi Adamolekun: Founder Enough is Enough Initiative (EIE) and Advocate, Bring back our girls (BBOG)
Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi: Politician and Apc chieftain.
Chude Jideonwo: Lawyer and media consultant, Partner at Red media
Debola - Deji Kurunmi: Full time housewife, socialentrepreenur and Initiator of Ideation Hub Arica
Jci Olumide Ajomale:JCI Ikeja Past president and sponsor o the QLV seminars. 
 Chief Dele Momodu: Media mogul, Founder Ovation magazine and a  past presidential nominee. 

Each speaker spoke extensively and passionately about various national issues, at the end of the event , some thought provoking questions were raised: I have answered  them within the limits of my own knowledge, other people might have differing opinions.

1. Did the kidnapping of the  chibok girls really happened  or was it a  political scam?
A: Undecided

2.  What are the  sustainable Mdg (Millennium development goals) ?

 A: They are 17 goals that have been mandated by the united nations for every citizen of the world. They include free education, clean water, basic health care e.t.c 

3. Is Buhari really a disappointment ?
A: Nation building is a long term process, we all knew Buhari's character , but voted for him still so we must either live with our choices or wait another 3 years to vote him out.

4. Is every politician corrupt?
A: We can't make general assumptions, except we join politics and taste power. Every politician may or  may not be corrupt, but we need to participate in the change process and do things right.

5. Is tribalism In Nigeria a real or perceived threat to national stability?
A: Yes , it is
Words of wisdom from #QLV2016:
1. A vision that can be fulfilled by one man only is  a small vision, a big vision needs collaboration cooperation and affiliation with other like minded people- Debola Kurumi
2. Leadership is not Ala carte, it is not a birthright, a leader must work to achieve success.- Tokunbo Afikuyomi.
3." My generation has performed their duties, no need asking what Am I doing? What are you doing instead"- Dele Momodu
4. Nigeria  has undergone changes, citizens know they can make their choice by voting, hold their elected officials accountable, have access to budget details and call out corrupt officers without fear or ignorance- Yemi Adamolekun.
5. In a situation where  cries, regrets or condemnation cant do much, we must  remain calm and work towards changing the situation- Chude Jideonwo. 

See more pictures from the event: 
Past and current presidents of Jci Ikeja
Past and current presidents of Jci Ikeja

jci ikeja
Host president,Olamide Akin-Balogun (middle) with other chapter officials.
 Chief Dele Momodu and Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi
 Chief Dele Momodu and Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi

A member of audience sharing his views
A member of audience sharing his views
Debola Kurumi
Debola Kurumi

Cross section of participants at qlv 2016
Cross section of participants

Olumide Ajomale
Olumide Ajomale

chude jideonwo
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Yemi Adamolekun
Yemi Adamolekun
Finally, Nigerian youths were enjoined to  take up the challenge to make a positive impact in their society.

In between a morning prayer session finalising the Royalty Christian women convention hosted by Pastor Dayo and Sunmbo Adeoye  and a Fashion's meet and greet event at Samantha's Bistro in Ikoyi, I was glad I made it to this one day leadership training and motivational seminar.

 It was a Wonderful way to spend a Sunday Afternoon!